Her and him

Kari was the cheerleader. A perfect jock boyfriend. More money than she knew what to do with.

Then she met a guy. A dangerous guy who can't seem to stay away from kari. Or she from him.

Together they both try to find themselves in each other. Until kari gets an offer she can't refuse. Will she stay or will this be the end for them?


1. "...Names not brad"

Kari checked her watch again. Brad her boyfriend was late, again. She sighed feeling stupid. He wasn't coming to drive her home because he was sleeping with her best friend.

Ever since her car broke down brad had promised to take her home. Kari knew he popped her tires so he would feel needed. Annoying but what could she do?

Sure she was a hot cheerleader but most boys tend to have their girls already. Plus brad was the one her dad picked. A annoying pig.

Kari began to walk home. She was glad she lived close to school. She looked around. The sky was blue today which meant no rain.

'Yay', kari thought.

The park nearby showed little kids having fun without a care in the world. Kari missed those days, being a little kid with no worries.

Feeling her eyes fill up with unshed tears kari turned away. She took deep breaths so she wouldn't cry in public.

Kari went home to an empty house. 'Nothing new', she told herself. She took a shower. When she got out she looked at herself.

Kari was a natural blonde with golden ringlets that hung on her waist. A slender body with curves on the right places. Her emerald green eyes looked sad and her full lips were in a frown.

She settled into a tank top and shorts.

Kari was bored, and sad. Her life had little meaning anymore. She tried to think of something positive but found nothing.

Kari decided to watch her favorite movie, Care Bears. Making popcorn she settled into the theatre room getting cozy or at least trying to.

But she soon got bored.


A doorbell rung waking kari up. The doorbell kept ringing repeatedly. Kari scrambled up out of the blanket. She checked the time on her iPhone.

3:47 AM

'What the heck?' Kari thought. She ran up the theatre stairs. Opening the door she expected brad to be there apologizing. It was a part of his contract.

But no it was someone else. Someone yummier. He was a tall, well built, musclier guy. Dark brown hair cropped to the side. He wore loose fitting jeans with a back tee. And a leather jacket.

"Well your n-not brad", kari stuttered.

The guy looked at her, his green-blue eyes cold. He looked surprised to see her. Then he looked down her body eyes trailing heat everywhere he looked.

A deep, gruff voice spoke. "No."

Kari was confused. "No what?"

But he didn't answer. He just licked his lips eyes still trailing up and down her body. Then out of nowhere he crushed his lips against hers.

To kari he tasted like cool peppermint. His hands were all over her. Trailing fire everywhere he touched. She hadn't even realized she was kissing back.

He bit her lip wanting access. Kari didn't let him. The guy bit down harder making kari gasp. He took that advantage and shoved his tongue in.

Her back hit something cool and hard. He was reaching his hand up her shirt to pull it off. She put her hands up his shirt feeling his muscles.

She kicked off her pants never taking her lips off his as she was put on a cool object.


Kari was out of breath. She had never had sex like that before.

It was kind of awkward because the guy kept staring at her as he put his clothes on. His stare was a huge turn on despite the fact he just had sex with her. On a counter.

The memory flashed through her mind. Him and her all tangled up on the counter. Moaning so loud the neighbors could hear. She blushed and looked away.

When she looked again he was smirking at her like he knew she was thinking about his hard body against hers.

"Uh bye." Kari told him awkwardly.

He looked at her. The guy strode towards her and gave her a passionate kiss.

Then in her ear he whispered. "Names Luke, not brad."

And then he was gone.

'What just happened?'

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