Dear, Ms. Hater

Hazel doesn't like One Direction. It's not that she hates them personally. She just hates the…fandom. So, one day she went as far as tweeting that 'Theres nothing interesting about One Direction. They can't sing so why is everyone going crazy over them?' Of course, she didn't mean that. She did like there music. What happens when she falls in love with one of the members? Will he love her back knowing she's not an fan or will he fall head over heels with her?


1. Ch.1

                                                       Hazel's POV.

"Er, hey. My name is Hazel," I stated awkwardly as I was standing in front of the class on the first day of an new school on my senior year.

    "Ok, any of you may ask Hazel an question," The teacher stated.

     I wiped my sweaty hands on my jeans and glanced up to only see hands flying up. I pointed in the back to an Jock--I'm guessing. He's wearing an football jersey with blue jeans. "How old are you?" he asked simply.

      "Er, eighteen going on nineteen."

       "Are you single?" he asked winking. I blushed and glanced down at my feet. I knew I looked good but, I wasn't conceited whatsoever. I kinda get aggravated when guys chase after me. All they are is pigs.

        "Seth, don't make her uncomfortable," the teacher argued. "Any more questions?"

         I pointed at an more nerdy looking guy in the back but, he was still cute in his own way. "Whats your favorite subject?"

         I poked my lip out glancing at the ceiling to figure out an way to answer that. "Lunch." The class laughed whereas he blushed. 

        I pointed at an pretty girl in the front with Blonde hair and Blue eyes. "Do you like One Direction?"

        "Will you hate me if I say no?"

         She shook her head but, she was still grinning at me. I like these people already, I thought.

         Someone raised there hand at the last minute and I called on them. It was an Brunette girl with an bow tie in her hair. "Do you like any bands?"

         "Hmm, I love Black Veil Brides!" the class laughed at my excitement.

         "I like her!" someone called from the back of the class and I realized it was the Jock.

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