Ongoing Suspisions

Can one accident destroy a life forever? Can you escape the past? Can you start over? Begin a new life and forget the old?


2. One mistake

I walked into the fog of the morning to head to my martial arts class. I look ahead, but cannot see what the path holds. I took the fogged covered path slowly-being careful with each step I take. My golden hair blows behind me as I proceed ahead.
My father has always told me that I need to learn to fight in case anything bad happens, even though I don’t think it will. I only do it to appease him. As I enter the class I watch the kids already fighting.  All their eyes look the same. I don’t mean the color. I mean the emotion. You can see the determination in their eyes twinkling like the night stars. We are all different, yes, but we all have one thing in common. That one thing is to make sure we are never afraid. Fear is its own monster. Taking over its victims and changing them into something they are not.  I’ve only witnessed that fear once. That one time was when my mother was dying in the hospital. Her eyes weren’t the ones I knew from birth. The fear took hold of her and soon she even refused the doctor’s care which soon led her to her death.
The class went quickly like it always does. “Aubree!” I looked in the direction from where I heard the voice calling my name. I saw my boyfriend Carter waving at me. I smiled, walked over and kissed his glossy lips. “What are you doing tonight?” I got so lost in his electric blue eyes that it was like I never even heard what he said. “Aubree?”

“Huh? What?” He laughed and moved a strand of my hair out of my brassy brown eyes.

“What are you doing tonight?”

“Drinking with Charlotte then maybe going to a club. Why?” He shook his head.

“Never mind. Be careful, okay?” I nodded. “Want to do psychology homework together in the meantime?” I nodded. We walked back in silence, just enjoying that we were together. We entered my old rickety house and got out our psych homework. It didn’t take us to long to finish because we were both smart and our 4.0 averages showed that. He took my hand and held it in his. “I love you.” He leaned in and kissed me over and over again. “Very much.” A big smile went across my face and I couldn’t help think that I looked like an idiot. I looked away almost as if in embarrassment.
“Aubree!” Charlotte yelled as she was entering my house unannounced. Carter jumped and looked at Charlotte. “Oh gosh, please tell me I didn’t walk in on a make out session or something!” I watched Carter’s cheeks turn red. “Gosh what did I tell you about controlling yourselves?”

“What did I tell you about knocking before you enter?” Carter mocked. “Well I’ll let you two have fun. See you soon Aubree.” He kissed my lips, nodded to Charlotte, and walked out.  I got out the alcohol and began making drinks. We drank till our hearts were content. We danced and laughed as we had our fun.

“Let’s go to the club Aub.” Charlotte sounded perfectly sober. I looked at her and grabbed her keys from the table.

“You drive. Everything is spinning for me.” She nodded and we drove off to the club. As we arrived we saw the parking lot was full and drove around to an abandon one instead. We both got out and walked to the club which seemed to be miles away.

“Wait! I forgot my keys in the car.” I rolled my eyes. “Stay here I will be right back.” I nodded and motioned for her to go get them and so she did. As she was gone the noises of the darkness seem to surround me as if I was a prey and my predator was closing in on me. My hands grew clammy and shaky.  My lip quivered with each new sound that came in contact with my ears. My legs grew weak, but I pushed them forward and headed to Charlotte’s red hummer.

“Charlotte?” The car was locked and the lights were off and my friend was not in sight.  Chills shot down my spine. A hand grabbed my shoulder fiercely. I took my opposite hand wrapped around the persons head and slammed it into the car hood. The body fell from the hood onto the cold pavement. “Oh my god Charlotte!” I looked at the limp body filling up the ground with blood. “I’m so sorry I didn’t know it was you! Please, wake up!" This can't be happening!” I cried. I shook her fiercely but her eyes stayed shut. Her heart was no longer beating. My eyes grew puffy from crying. "What have I done? Please Charlotte wake up." I held her ice cold hand in mine and rocked back and forth. "I'm so, so sorry." I looked at my hands, seeing them filled with my best friend's blood. My body began to shake as I stared at my bloody palm. "No, no, no, this can't be happening. This has to be a nightmare. Charlotte! Wake up!" I shook her body again, but no signs of life were shown.

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