Babysitting my bully (Remake)

When Skylar's mom leaves for a business trip she is forced to babysit Harry Styles, her bully. Will Harry end up changing his attitude towards Skylar over summer vacation?


1. One

Skylar’s p.o.v: Summer vacation was starting which means longer nights and life gets better but that second part when I said ‘life gets better’ well it won't get better. Want to know why? It's because I'm being forced to babysit my bully, Harry Styles. I heard my mother's heels echo through the house. "Honey, Anne is coming over to leave Harry here," she said. I got out of the sofa and groaned. 

"Why do I have to do this, mom" I frowned. The noises of her heels were getting louder each second till it came to a stop. She was in front of me with her arm crossed. "Sky, It's only for 3 weeks and Harry needs someone to communicate with"She winked before running off. haha, communicate, funny. I sighed, walking into the hallway that led me to the stairs. As I was about to walk up the stairs, someone knocked on the door. I quickly ran up the stairs, through the hallways, and slipped through my door. I slowly closed my door and sat down on the carpeted ground. 

"Skylar, Harry is here!"My mother yelled. I crawled to my door and locked it. I took a deep breath in and laid down on the floor. I heard noises and loud cheers from downstairs. I sat up and pulled myself up, leaning against my door; He was talking to someone about a party and how he didn't want to be here with me. thanks, we're on the same page

I opened my door and stepped into the quiet hallway. I made my way towards the stairs and walked down the stairs to see Harry standing there like he was waiting for me to appear. "Well, well, well" He smirked while crossing his arms. I looked at him and walked past him and into the living room. "Loser, I'll be at a party tonight and if you tell my mom about this you'll regret it," he said. I looked at him and nodded slowly. He clapped and walked towards the door; He opened the door and laughed. 

"See you later, bitch"He said before slamming the door. 



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