The Perfect Boyfriend

Maya Kleen is a shy teenage girl with a dream to find the perfect boyfriend. She even writes rules for the perfect boyfriend. Once she meets Kevin Oakley things start to change Maya and maybe she might've actually found the right one.


4. Rule #4-He must be protective

"Hey." Kevin said when he sat to the seat right next to me in the back of the classroom. I wave at him but, didn't look away from my book I was reading. "How's your 8th day of school?" I asked without even thinking about it. "I've made tons of friends." I bit my lip in shame. How can he make so many friends while I have none? "So i was wondering," Kevin paused and looked at me. "Go on," i said. "I'd like to take you to a roller skating place. You know to get to know you better." I close my book and tapped my finger to my chin and thought for a second. "Yes I'll go." I said and smiled. "Sweet!" Kevin laughed and so did I. I don't know what he thought he was going to do with me but, I'd figure it out. Soon.

Today was the what so called friend get together tonight at Sparkles. I drove to Sparkles and bought my wristband so I could roller skate. When I opened the entrance door I walked around and got my shoes. "May I see your shoes?" The employee asked holding his hand out for my shoe. I take my shoes off and handed it to him. They guy nodded and disappeared in the aisles of roller skates. He finally appeared with 2 roller skates in his hands and hand them too me. I thank him and find anywhere to sit to put on my roller skates. When I found a seat I put them on and go onto the hard wooden floor to skate. I was quite wobbly since i've never roller skated in my whole life. When I start skating some person knocked me down and I hit the floor. "May I help you?" I look up and see Kevin looking down and at me and holding a hand out for me. I grab his hand and get up from the ground. "I thought you'd never come." I said when I started to skate but still wobbled . "I was here the whole time." Kevin said pointing to the table he sat at. "Oh so you saw me make a fool out of myself?" I joked. Kevin laughed. I skated but I fell right on my butt again. "Lets go sit down for awhile" Kevin said and we skated to his table. When we sat down Kevin looked at me and said,"Tell me about yourself." "What would you like to know?" "Everything." I thought for a minute. "My favorite color is blue." "Oh really? Mine is brown." "Why?" I laughed. "Well i love brownies and brownies are brown." I rolled my eyes at Kevin's joke. "Tell me more." Kevin added and slid himself closer to me. "My favorite animal is a lion." "My favorite is a hippo." I laughed again. "Your one of a kind Kevin." I said and he laughed. "Tell me deeper imformation about yourself." "Im an open book." I said. "Come on you've got to have atleast one secret." "Well," i began kind of embarrassed to admit this to Kevin. "I don't believe in a perfect boyfriend." Kevin choked on a piece of pizza he had eaten. Kevin got up and spit the pizza out. "Of course there's no such thing!" Kevin said when he sat down. "What do you mean?" I asked. "I mean no ones perfect." Kevin said as if i did not know that. I guess I didnt. "I meant um I don't believe there's a good boyfriend." I regreted saying that. "So if I asked you out you'd say no because you wouldn't think of me as a good boyfriend?" "Yeah.... Wait what?" "Nevermind." Kevin said. We ate the pizza Kevin ordered for awhile until Kevin asked,"May I ask you something?" "Yeah anything." Kevin tapped his fingers. He didnt ask me anything though. He leaned in and gently grabbed my head. He closed his eyes and puckered with lips. I stare at him bot knowing what ti do. Should i kiss him? Or not? My heart starting racing and I had to make a decision fast. I leaned in and puckered my lips where our lips finally touched. We kissed for awhile until Kevin got up from his seat and lead me to the exit out of Sparkles. If you didn't know we had already returned our skates and had our real shoes on. I followed Kevin into the parking lot and he opened a car door for me to go into. I go in the car and he goes in it too. "So have you found your perfect boyfriend?" "You tell me." I said. Kevin smiled and we kissed again but this time I actually felt like i had found the perfect boyfriend.

"Maya, wake up!" My dad shouted in his deep manly voice. I open my eyes and see that im in my pink silky bed. I pull my covers off and stand up. "What should I wear?" I ask myself. I start looking through my dresses and find the perfect one to wear to school. It was a white lace dress with a twisted brown belt. I grab some heels I usually wear with dresses and i grab a brush. I brush through my long wavy dark brown hair. When I go into my bathroom I put on some black mascara. I even decided to put on some eye shadow to make my green eyes pop. Once i brush my teeth I go into the kitchen I eat a poptart my dad had cooked. "Bye." I told my dad and headed out the door to my bus stop.

I got to the bus stop and saw Hannah and Fiona the two bestfriends already there. "What color should I dye my hair?" Fiona asked showing Hannah her phone. "Totally blonde." Hannah gushed. Fiona nodded her head in agreement. "Oh look its Maya." Hannah said pointing to me. I walked up to them and smiled. "How's your boyfriend?" Fiona asked in a snotty voice. "What?!" "We all know your dating that hot new guy Kevin." Hannah insisted. "Im not." "Well I think instagram disagrees." Fiona said showing me her phone. Her phone showed a picture of me and Kevin kissing at Sparkles! "Who took that?" "Me." Hannah said raising her hand. "Why?!" "Because I thought it was cute." Hannah said acting all inocent. What will Kevin think?

The bus had finally arrived and I imedietly got on. The chubby stubborn bus driver commanded,"Get in yur seats!" I rush to a seat and sit down not knowing I sat in a girl's seat. "Hi." She said scooting over for me to have more room. "Hello," i greeted. "Im Jenna." The girl said with a half smile. She brushed back her blonde side bangs to the side of her head. "Im Maya." I replied. "Ya I've heard of you." What Jenna said made me have some goosebumps on my arms. "How?" I asked her. "I was on instagram," Jenna answered. "I saw a picture if you and Kevin making out." Jenna finished. "Hasn't everyone seen it already?" I asked in an angry tone. I saw Jenna jump a little from the seat. "Im sorry," I apologized. "Its just Kevin and I aren't dating." "Oh really?" "Yeah." "Then why did you guys kiss." "Long story." I said and Jenna nodded. The bus parked at Allatoona High School and I got off with Jenna. "Here's my number." Jenna handed me a note. "We should text." "Totally." I said and walked into Allatoona. When I go in I walk into homeroom and i sit down in the 2nd to last row but not the back. For some reason my confidence had boosted up and I didn't feel like sitting in the back row. The only thing I was shaky about was that everyone thought me and Kevin were dating.

Kevin walked in homeroom with his held up high smiling. He sat to the seat next to me and said,"good morning." I said good morning back. "Have you heard of the instagram picture?" "Yeah I saw it last night and people asked me how my girlfriend was this morning."he replied. "Why don't you seem worried?" I asked. "Maybe I like the feeling of actually thinking I could have a girlfriend as pretty as you." He said. I blushed at Kevin's sweet words.

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