Justins Maid

After 17 year old Lily's mom gets to sick and takes time off as a maid for Justin Bieber, Lily is forced to take the job as Justin Bieber's Maid.





I took a hot shower washing Justin's cologne off of me. What if my mom is better...what if she is not. What if. I decided a pair of my moms tan stilettos, black skinny jeans and a tight fitting black top that just barely covered my belly button. When I opened my door the house fell silent. I cleared my throat, "Uh, Justin?" I called. No answer. "If this is one of your pranks...I swear." Still silent. I looked outside, Justin's car was gone. "Fuck him." I already have.

I half expected to see Justin in the lobby, but he wasn't there. The lady at the front desk just smiled at me an nodded towards the hallway. I really had no reason to hate her, but I did. Without hesitation, I swung the curtain back. My mom looked horrible, her skin was white like a vampire, and her once forest green eyes were a swampy color. "Li-in," She said barely saying my name. "Mom, oh my gosh." I ran up to give her a hug but there were to many tubes between us so I just held her hand. "I-if I-I don't m-make it Lily I want you to g-go b-back to Ca-Canada." I started to cry and while I'm sad for my mom, the bitch in me is crying because I don't want to go back to Canada. "Mom, I can't go back." I whined. "Your aunt Jane w-would be s-so happy t-to see you." Fuck her (my aunt Jane). "I'm sorry but I won't go I'm almost 18 and-" Mom coughed, "Lillian," She said surprisingly clear, "You w-will be with your a-aunt until y-your 18."  Before I could say anything else the nurse came in. "A little mother daughter bonding time I see." Call it what you want. She looked at her clipboard, "She is ready for you to take, can I just see you outside for a sec." I followed her. "Your mom is, well, pretty stable but the truth is her days are, how do I say this, numbered." I almost fell backward. "Okay." What else was I suppose to say. "Yeah well I suggest you take her out for ice cream or something, she really misses you." I nodded.

Another nurse helped my mom (who was hooked up to a machine) into the car. "I know the best ice-cream place." I said putting the keys in. "You really d-don't have to Lillian." "Oh come on who doesn't love ice-cream." Mom smiled, which made me smile. "I suppose."     

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