One Direction's management wants to match Zayn Malik with an intelligent, well behaved girl, Darlene, because of his outrageous behavior and needs to calm him down. Meanwhile, Darlene needs the money to help her mom to raise her other siblings and her dream to go to college or be an Olympic athlete star. Can the management find the right girl to control Zayn? Or will Darlene be captured by Zayn's spell? We only know that Darlene is in wild roller coaster ride.


6. telling my mom the news!


*New York

NY: 9:00 pm/ LA: 6:00pm

Vas Happenin'? Vas Happenin'?...

My ringtone went off, hearing it coming from the direction from my right ear. It had awakened me from my sleep. Not cool. Can't a guy sleep in peace for a moment? Shuffling around my bed for the mission to find my phone. Soon as I saw it, I turned on the light next to my bed. Letting my head rest against my hand, a wet, mushy and gooey feeling was felt in my hand. Snuffling the smell, whip cream, only one person would have done that, Louis. He is so getting it later on. Looking back at my phone, it flashed Simon, I can't ignore his calls.

Picking up the line, “Hey Simon,” not trying to sound grouchy.

“Hi Zayn,” he said, sounding very cheerful from the other side of the call. “Sorry to interrupt whatever you were doing."

“Oh believe me, you did not interfere,” I said, allowing myself to sound optimistic.

“Anyhow, I have wonderful news Zayn,” he said, imagining that his lips was forming into a smile.

“Look if it's about more matches with other girls, forget about it Simon,” I said, getting frustrated.

I could probably hear him shaking his head at me, even though he was miles away. “But Zayn, you haven't been the same since Perrie broke up with you two months ago.”

“Please don't even mention about her,” I said, standing up from my bed and went over to my suitcase, searching for my reliever.

“You better not be pulling out your cigarettes,” he predicted what I was doing.

I groaned, wanting one puff. Ever since the break-up, I have finished two packets a day, the boys were starting to get worried about me. They have talked with the boss man and they all agreed to pay a girl who could help me be back in my toes. At this point, I think that's impossible. Cigarettes makes me feel calm when I get anxiety.

“Back to the news, I really think she will help you,” Simon said about the matcher. “Are you in?'

I don’t want to do this. The rest of the boys barged into my room, probably heard my talk with Simon. They love to listen to other people's conversation. Shaking my head at this situation, I don’t like this.

“Come on Zayn, you have to do this, for the fans, for us and it might change you for good,” Liam spoke up, sitting at the edge of my bed. All boys nodding their heads as they agree with him.

“She could probably be the one,” Harry said cheekily, all boys look at him with evil looks. “Hey trying to help,” putting his hands up as a surrender.

Zayn, talking to myself, you have to do this, for the boys, for your family, for your life, but most importantly your fans. They have been there for me ever since the story broke and I haven't been the same, I have to change just for them.

Seeing the busy view of New York City night lights from my hotel window; Time Square was busy as usual, people coming in and out of buildings, little kids smiling and running around. Moving my eyes over the City, in my view, 40 feet high up, you could easily see the Brooklyn Bridge. It looked beautiful during the night, its attraction was overpowering the peaceful water, East River. I smiled at its artistry, yet, it was telling me what path I should take.

“Zayn, are you still there?” breaking the silence of the room, Simon was waiting patiently.

“Simon I am going to do it,” not sure what I am agreeing with. Hearing cheers from behind me, putting my hand up to shush them.

“Good,” hearing him, imagining him smile again through the phone. “Before we hang up, we are going to have a meeting with the girl this Saturday coming up before your performance at Ellen's show at 10 and you better be in your best behavior,” he said, warning me.

“I will try,” not sure what I got myself into.

“See you soon and tell the rest of the boys to have fun at Madison Square Garden,” I could tell that he was proud of us.

Smiling at this, I replied with a great attitude, “Bye Simon,” at that we ended the call.

Scratching my forehead, feeling that mushy thing in my hand, remembering what it was. I saw Louis running out of the room in the corner of my eye.

“Louis, get back here!” I yelled at him, running out of my room to find him. I quickly saw my reflection by a near mirror, my hair had whip cream over it. No one misses with my hair. “I am so going to kick your ass!” I was so furious, running to catch him around the living room.



After the call from Simon, I ran all the way back to Channel Islands Harbor with a total of 10 miles today, not that bad.

Soon as I arrived to the house from my run, I went inside through the garage door. I didn't saw no one inside the first floor. I was a bit tired from the run, so I decided to take a shower. I went up the staircase by two and went inside of my room to get clothes to change after my bath. Soon after that, I headed for the bathroom, turned on the showerhead and went inside. It took me around 10 minutes to finish, 2 minutes to put on my PJs and my hair into a bun.

I open the door from the inside of the bathroom, and went downstairs to see if I could find anything good in the kitchen. Once inside the kitchen, I saw some leftover hot chocolate. Reaching for a mug from one of the top cabinets, finding my favorite bugs bunny mug. I took it down and pour some hot chocolate and heated it up in the microwave. While it was heating up, I grabbed some chocolate chip cookies. Gathering my late snacks and heading over to the living room, I set my food on a glass table that was on my right. I curled on the love seat that was facing the TV. I turned on the screen with the remote control and there was a commercial going on.

"Hi, we are One Direction and we are going to be interviewed this Saturday with Ellen and perform afterwards at one o'clock," a guy with black hair and light brown eyes said.

Eewww who wants to see them? Click!

Yeee! Pitch Perfect was on and it was in the part when Beca was doing the cup song. I pretend I had a cup and doing the part along with the movie. I stayed watching it for 20 minutes as well as eating my food until the door was opening and closing. I looked over and saw it was my mom. I have to tell her of Simon's curiosity to pay off my fees.

"Hi mom," I said with a smile and tapping my foot against the couch feeling a bit nervous. "How was the volunteer today?"

"Hey Dar," she said it with a glimpse of exhaustion. "It was good, but a bit tiring,” she said looking at a commercial on TV of a baby in his diaper, accidently falling down. My mom laughed by its cuteness, while taking a seat on the couch.

Come on Dar, you have to say it to her, but I don't know, she might get mad. Yet, she has the right to know who is going to help me make my dreams happen.

"Dar, where is everyone?" she asked me

"Ally and Lynne are both in their rooms, Ally is drawing while Lynne probably on the computer," I said, a bit of annoyed still at Lynne. "And, Jeremy is at Paolo's house and I told him to get back here by 8.”

She let out a sigh, feeling relieved to know that her kids are safe and sound, "Dar are you okay," she questioned me.

A little confused at the question, "Yeah why?" unsure of her awareness.

"Because you are tapping your foot and that means you’re nervous, do you have to tell me something?" she asked, this is why I love my mom because she knows all of our actions, even when we think she doesn’t.

Yet, I don't want to tell her about this. Looking around my living room for something to distract me. Oh hey, there is a penny on the floor, and it has luck, it has the head was facing up.

"Dar, you have to tell me what is going on, so that I could help you," she said, getting my focus back at her.

I have to say it to her, I just have to.

"Mom, do you know how’s Simon Cowell, from American Idol?" I asked her.

"Yes I do, and he is also from X Factor," she responded.

She even knows what X Factor is, and I don't? Something definitely is wrong with me.

Setting my mind back to my talking, "Yes, mom, yes he is, but I saw him today at Ally's rehearsal," I said as she looked at me surprised. "However, that is not the best news, he told me that he has a position for me that fits perfectly for me with a return of paying all of my college and Olympic program fees," I said, feeling a bit of happiness inside of me to be finally getting closer to my goal.

"He is what?" sounding a bit harsh.

"He is going to paying it all off if I work for him," I said with a bit scared of what she going to say next.

"Call him now, he is not going to pay anything off for you when I can't," she said, sounding a bit hurt. "Do you know what kind job he is hiring you for?" she spoke with anger.

"No, I don't want to, and I don't know what kind of work he is going to make me do," I mumbled.

"What if he’s going to make you clean his house, pick up his dog's doo or be his slave?" she blared while standing up.

"But mom, he promise me to pay off my institution and I can't let it go to waste, no matter what he is going to make me do," I declared and standing up as well. "This could change my life."

"Fine, but if he doesn't complete his word, it is going to be too late," she said, storming off up the staircase.

And with that I was left in the living room with my arms crossed.

I am not going to let this opportunity go.

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