One Direction's management wants to match Zayn Malik with an intelligent, well behaved girl, Darlene, because of his outrageous behavior and needs to calm him down. Meanwhile, Darlene needs the money to help her mom to raise her other siblings and her dream to go to college or be an Olympic athlete star. Can the management find the right girl to control Zayn? Or will Darlene be captured by Zayn's spell? We only know that Darlene is in wild roller coaster ride.


1. Darlene Parker

Darlene Anabelle Parker

Age: 17

Birthday: December 21, 1994

Favorite color: Light Blue......

Location:Oxnard, California

Hobbies: Swimming, running ( a goal to be an Olympic winner), cooking, and drums.

Facts: has three younger siblings, Jeremy (15), Lynne (12) and Ally (5). Attends Oxnard High School. She is a honor/AP student. She is part of Track and Field in her school and volunteers as a lifeguard during summer. Away from studies, she works at a little cupcake bakery, Sweet Arleen's. Her personality is quiet but will be crazy once you know her.

Likes: running, swimming, cooking, singing, math and entertain people with music. Skillet, Pillar, Nine Lashes and Flyleaf are her favorite bands. Loves to make people happy and being positive.

Dislikes: cleaning, science and slow people.

Hello people in the world, my name is Darlene! :) All you have to know about me is that I HATE science with a passion but a diagnose with a disease to liking math (Weird?? I know). Either way! My mommy is a single mother, taking caking care of me and my siblings. Even though my full attention is towards my studies, I have to help with my mom financially at Sweet Arleen's but wanting to help with more. My dream is to be as an Olympic runner or graduate from USC with a Finance Major. That's all for know! Love you all!

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