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8. Depression on Movellas




I quote:


'Thirty six cuts and counting! Wish me luck!'

'Yeah, I self harm. DEAL.'


Okay. I know. SELF HARM AND DEPRESSION DO EXIST AND ARE A REAL PROBLEM.  I know that many people commit suicide each year because of their depressed states, whether the cause be bullying, post-natal depression, or a bad family situation. I know. But sometimes, you get the types of people I like to call the LEECHES.

They seem to think that self harm is, in some sick way, cool. And consequently, they smother their profiles with attention seeking complaints, like the ones mentioned above. They, my friends, contribute as much to this growing problem as bullies themselves do. They're attention seeking liars. Yes, people do self harm, and I'm not putting them down or saying it isn't real. But if you really were depressed- whatever the cause- you just wouldn't shout out about it on the internet


Why do people want others to think that they self-harm?


First of all, I am not a psychologist. I am not trained in any way to see the cause of people's problems, and I am also not trying to figure out why people really do self harm. I simply want to share my ideas with you on why people lie about it. 

First of all, if I told you that there was a book in which the main character kills herself to be with her boyfriend, gets pregnant as a teenager, and constantly puts herself in dangerous situations in order to see the ghost of her boyfriend, you wouldn't believe me. And you definitely wouldn't believe that this book is being worshipped by countless teen girls. But what if I said- 


And this is not the only book that romanticises serious conditions such as depression and being a teenage mother. Countless books, films, celebrities, and websites encourage- or at least, don't DIScourage- depression.

So when people put themselves out on the internet, they sometimes think it's cool to stick out like that. That people will sympathise with them. It's not. It's really, really, not.


Fanfictions with serious subjects


It just has to be mentioned.

If I had a dollar for each of the times I've clicked on a yellow or green rated Movella, and it's turned out to have graphic sex scenes, I'd be able to afford that pony I've been wanting all my life. And the stable. And probably a nice spacey country to put it in.

Any of these blurbs ring a bell?

'Kristen is new at high school, and bullies Harry, Niall, and Zayn make her life not worth living...'

'Lilylipstickprettygirlglam gets kidnapped and raped by One Direction...'

'Harry cuts himself who can save him...'

So? Any of them? 

These kinds of romanticised stories simply decrease consideration and awareness of the real problem that plagues so many people. So comment down below if you don't support these kinds of fan fictions.

I would like to point out one more time that depression, self-harm, and rape, are really serious subjects, and I am not, in any way, saying that they are not real, or do not need serious consideration. Thank you.




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