A Mericcup Fanfiction

Merida and Hiccup grow to be friends. They are the only ones who understand each other. But Hiccup had always liked Merida. Will she start to feel the same way?


1. In the forest

Merida rode through the forest, her hair wild and free. She pulls out her bow and shoots an arrow into a over used target, "yes!" She cheers as it hits the centre of the target. Angus jumps over a log and suddenly jerks to a halt. Merida flies over his head and lands on the grass. "Angus!" She shouts. Her hair covering her eyes, she struggles to get up, "why did ye do that?" Angus just stared behind Merida, stunned. Merida, realising that Angus is looking at something, slowly turns around. She find herself face to face with a big black dragon. It stares at her with big green eyes. Fascinated and a bit scared, Merida reaches out and touches the dragon on the nose. It stares at her some more and then sits down. Huh it's harmless. She smiles and continues to stroke it.

Hiccup sat writing in his book. He was so engrossed in drawing the Nightfury, that he didn't notice that Toothless was gone. He heard footsteps and he put down his book. He looked over the rock to see a girl, who was petting Toothless. He gasped. She's with Toothless and he's calm! Who is she?

She was amazing. Her hair was wild and red and her eyes were beautiful. Hiccup was smitten by her immediately. She was beautiful. Hiccup dropped his book and it crashed to the ground.

"Who's there?" Merida spun round, her hair tossed over her shoulder. She immediately grabbed her bow and arrow.

"Don't shoot!" Hiccup shouted as he stumbled out from behind the rock.

"Who are yeh?" She demanded, lowering her bow.

"Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third," he smiled, sheepishly

"That's ah funny name," Merida giggled. He has bright green eyes and his shaggy hair fell over his face. He's kind of cute.. Wait what am ah sayin'?

He smiled at her and she smiled back. Toothless sighed. Hiccup had fallen in love...

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