Cant Live Without You

Chess is more than a game. It is more like...another magical dimension. All the pieces have names, and they all lead lives. Like in the game,the white pieces battle the black ones. But something is different...the white queen,Elizabeth,falls in love with the black king,Leo. Now,she has to convince her brother Mike,the white king to release Leo or nothing will ever be the same.


1. Battle's Just Begun

Elizabeth's POV

I sat at my throne,watching who will make the next move. It was so intense; I wish I could just move wherever I wanted... but I was in battle. One illegal move and i would have desintigrated. I sighed,tapping at the arm of my chair. It was beginning to get boring, stuck at one safe spot. Surrounded by teammates. No one to attack. 

CHECKMATE! A pawn has captured the king! Everyone's celebrating. I smiled, though I never got to fight. The battle was over, meaning anyone could move at any wished position,as long as you didn't attack anyone. The black team scurried away and my team,the white team,celebrated.  I walked to my brother. "That fight was unbelievably short,don't you think?,"I joked. He laughed along. "Yes,and the victory was so easy..I almost feel like I failed." "Ah, don't put it too hard on yourself,"I smiled knowingly."At least we won"

And the victory celebration began. As usual there's music,food,and fun for weeks on end. My brother would play darts with the boy pawns and I'd talk with the girl ones. But that usually bored me. So I decided to do something not even king Mike would do himself! I would visit Black King Leo's dungeon. "You dont want to do this!,"Allie,a pawn, pulled me back. "He might attack! You know he cans tart a war and escape anytime he wanted to!" I smiled. "Well, that'd make me less bored, wouldn't it?" She sighed as I walked away.

"Anyone awake?,"I asked as I approached his cell. "What do you want from our king?,"a voice said. "Raphael,"I smirked,but he couldn't tell because it was dark. "The knight who always gets captured" He growled but was stopped by a voice. "Raphael,"it said. "You have permission to go back to your cell." I heard a magical charm as he was teleported. No doubt this was the Black King. Any captured king can move their fellow prisoners wherever they wished around the dungeon, but can't move them out. "Hello Leo,"I said, casually. "Elizabeth,"I sensed  anger in his voice. "What are you doing here?" I pressed my fingers together and looked at them. "Just wondering how you're doing" "Aren't you going to celebrate?,"the yet angrier king asked. "I was,"I explained. "But I got bored. So I decided to visit you" I could tell as he calmed down,he smiled. "So aren't you...afraid I'll start another war?,"he asked intently. I shrugged. "bRings more excitement. I'm not one of those queens that like to sit in their thrones and re apply makeup all day" "I wish my sister were more like that,"Leo said. "Queen Beatrice?" Leo nodded. "She's utterly boring and hates the wars" I couldn't believe it.. Someone from the white kingdom was having a normal conversation from someone from the black kingdom!!! Wait, let me rephrase that.. A QUEEN from the WHITE kingdom was having a normal conversation with a KING from the BLACK kingdom! I was wondering when I was going to dissentigrate, but i wasn't. So I just continued to talk.

As soon as we were done talking about really annoying guards, how much we love battles, and things that bore us, I got tired and told Leo that I had to leave. "Can't be tired for my 'queenly duties,right?" I laughed. He laughed too. "Well, goodnight, Queen Eliza-" "Just call me Liz,"I smiled. He smiled back. "Goodnight,Liz" I don't know what got into me, but I fell asleep thinking that we just might be good friends.

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