The Unknown Potter

We all know Harry Potter's story,but what if he had a sister?A twin.No one knew about her under the circumstancesd Remus Lupin had her when Voldemort attacked her family.Ever since she's been living with her Aunt and Uncle along side her brother.


6. Year One-Chapter Six

 Hermione and I had been trying to figure out what the note had meant."But seriously there is nothing."I huffed causing a few prices of my bangs to fly up and fall back down on my face,i swept it to the side."I don't want to bother Dumbledore about it but,if we have too."I say placing the book down."I wouldn't want to bother Dumbledore either,but he knew James and Lily the best correct?"I nodded."My mom was smart and thoughtful always had a reason to just talk to Dumbledore.My dad was always getting detentions.I remember hearing it a lot when I was a baby.Uncle Remus would tell me how Dad and their other friend,Sirius,I think got in trouble for pranks."I say."Wow."Hermione says sitting her book down."One must truly wait before the secrets unbind themselves.That is honestly weird.Maybe Harry knows."I suggest."Girls are you packed?"Hermione and I looked at eachother and our eyes widen and we stood to quickly pack."Almost!"We yelled out in unison.I looked down at my pajamas and laughed."We should get dressed."I mention and grab an outfit.I quickly changed and messily braided my hair back into a pony tail as I threw things into my trunk."Hey Mione?"She looks at me."That book.Nicolas Flamel."I say pointing at a book and her eyes widen."I checked this out weeks ago for light reading."She says and grabs it.
        We piled onto the train and sat in an empty compartment."Let's hope they didn't get in trouble for going to the restricted section."I say "They can blame you."I add looking at Hermione."Then you'd get...expelled."I say making the word 'expelled' way to dramatic.She looked at me."No."She says horrid."Yes."I answer back laughing."Trust me Mione."I say calming down from my fit and laid back."It's way different in a magic school than a muggle school.The worse they would do is give you two detentions with Professor Snape."I say smiling at my best friend."And that's not bad!?"She asked surprised.I shrugged."He loves me.I mean did you see when he didn't take points away?"I asked with a cocky smile."Yes,I was there,regretting the words that fell from your mouth for you."I just shrugged."We'll be arriving soon let's go place on out robes." "C'mon."I followed Hermione out.

        "I've had you looking in the wrong place!"Hermione exclaimed slamming a book down in front of Ron and I than taking a seat next to Harry."I checked this book out weeks ago for a bit of light reading."Hermione said flipping to pages."This?Is light?"Ron asked looking at her like she was a mad man."I'm sorry Ron some of us didn't grow up on magic so we like to take things to privilege and learn more about the world I thought was mythical."I said staring at him.He shrugged and Hermione rolled her eyes."Here it is!"She placed her finger at the sentence."Nicolas Flamel;the only known maker of the Philosopher's Stone!"She read."The what?"Harry and Ran asked in unison."Honestly don't you two read?"I asked."The Philosopher's Stone is a legendary substance with astonishing powers. It will turn any metal into pure gold and produces the Elixir of Life, which will make the drinker immortal."Hermione read some more."Immortal?"Ron asked."To never die."I explained."I know what it means."He complained.Harry shushed us looking at the book."The only stone currently in existence belongs to Mr. Nicholas Flamel, the noted alchemist, who last year celebrated his 665th birthday!" That's what Fluffy's guarding on the 3rd floor. That's what's under the trapdoor...the Philosopher's Stone!"Hermione exclaimed.I gave a confused look.

        I sat in Hagrd's hut watching him mess with the egg."How'd you even come in possession of that?"I asked staring at it.My knees were pulled up to my chest while my chin rested on them.A knock at the door made me shrink back."Oh,hello.Sorry,don't wish to be rude,but I'm in no fit to entertain."Hagrid said closing the door ."We know about the Philosopher's stone!"I heard familiar voices.Hagrid looked at me then opened the door."Oh."He opened the door wider and Hermione,Ron,and Harry piled in.Harry's eyes landed on me."What are you doing here after dark Tiger?"Harry asked trying to be a stern big brother."I could ask you the same thing."I stated,looking at my brother still in his robes."Anyway,We think Snape's trying to steal the stone."Harry said turning to Hagrid."Snape?Blimey Harry!You're still not going on about him are you?" "Hagrid,we knows he's going after the stone!We just don't know why!"Harry exclaimed taking the empty seat near Hagrid."Snape is one of the teachers protecting the Stone! He's not about to steal it!"I say standing up allowing Hermione to take my abnormally large seat."What?"Harry asked looking at me."You heard her right.Go on now.I'm busy."Hagrid said sitting down.I smiled as Fang started sniffing Ron."Wait a minute."Harry says.I walk over to Ron and Fang and placed my hand on Fang's head.He nuzzled up into it causing a slight giggle to fall out of my mouth."One of the teachers?"Harry asked a wee bit confused."Of course!"There are others defending the stone,aren't there!?Spells and enchantments."Hermione exclaims looking over at Ron who is currently being sniffed in the face by Fang.He awkwardly shuffles away causing Fang to follow him."That's right.A waste of bloody time really."Hagrid said "Ain't no one gonna get past Fluffy. Hehe, not a soul knows how. Except for me and Dumbledore. I shouldn't have told you that. I shouldn't have told you that."Hagrid said as the caldron over the fire began to rattle.Hagrid quickly grabbed the egg out and sat it on the table."Uh Hagrid?What exactly is that?"Harry asked confused."That?"Hagrid asked adverting his eyes from the groups."It's..uh" "I know what that is!But Hagrid,how'd you get one?"I got interested."I won it. Off a stranger I met down at a pub. Seemed quite glad to be rid off it, as a matter of fact."Hagrid explained.The egg started cracking an a small dragon popped out slipping on a piece of the shell." Is that...a dragon?"Hermione asked." That's not just a dragon."I exclaimed placing my finger out and rubbing the dragon's head."That's a Norwegian Ridgeback! My brother Charlie works with these in Romania"Ron exclaimed staring at it in shock." Isn't he beautiful? Oh. Bless him, look. He knows his mummy. Hehe. Hello, Norbert."Hagrid said waving at him with his finger.I smiled."He is."I agree."Norbert?"Harry asked."Yeah, well, he's got to have a name, doesn't he? "I asked looking at my brother.Ron let out a snort like laugh."Don't you Norbert?"Hagrid asked the small dragon,in response the dragon hiccuped and a fire ball came out hitting Hagrid's beard.Hagrid quickly put it out."well...he'll have to be trained up a bit, of course."Hagrid said and stopped looking in the window.My eyes quickly followed seeing blonde hair and grey eyes."Who's was that?"Hagrid asked as Malfoy ran off."Malfoy."Harry and I spat out."Oh dear."Hagrid said as I grabbed my jacket.

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