Sequel:Stranded *coming soon to Fanfictions near you*

Introduction on first page.


5. Chapter 5: Merciless Manner

I hear the bell ring

"I can't be late!" I say in terror

I grab ahold of Louis and run towards history

"Slow down Dakota" he says trying to break my grip

I figured out we have the same schedule.

We finally reach history.

"Your here Dakota,take your seat" Mrs.Hanson said strict

"Oh,I see we have a new student" Mrs.Hanson said.

Louis stared at the class

"U-um,I-I'm Louis,Louis Tomlinson" he said blankly.

Mrs.Hanson shook his hand," Nice to meet you Louis,I'm Mrs.Hanson your history teacher,you can sit over there" Mrs.Hanson pointed towards the desk in front of me.

"Ok,as some of you suggested for history today,we are going to learn about boy bands" Mrs.Hanson

All the girls cheered.

"Quiet" Mrs.Hanson said in not a very strict voice.

We stopped

"Ok,first boy band 'One Direction'" Mrs.Hanson pointed a stick at the giant picture if really cute guys on the board.

"They didn't start out together,they were all solo acts on a show called 'The X Factor'" she went on.

I could see Louis sweating through his shirt.

"Are you ok?" I whispered

"Not really" Louis sprang up from his seat.

"Yes Louis?" Mrs.Hanson asked

"Can I go use the bathroom?" He asked very shaken.

"Yes you may" she said.

She told him directions and waved to him when he left.

"Ok,let's meet the boys if 'One Direction'" she pointed a stick at a boy who looked just like Louis.

"This is Louis Tomlinson" she said.

Everyone was dumb to see it,that was Louis

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