Sequel:Stranded *coming soon to Fanfictions near you*

Introduction on first page.


2. Chapter 2: Meet Dakota

Hi I'm Dakota,I'm 19 years old,I have to live with any relatives (LAWS) I'm brunette,I have brown sparkling eyes,and I'm 5'9.

I live in the future,2081,were everything is terrible.

I've heard good things about the past,like you could move out at age 18,have all the chocolate you want,wear all the color you want,laugh as hard as you could,and were there were no hunger games,I heard that was a book series and they made movies out of them.

Well ,I live in a crappy time,but I'm glad I have a family to be with.

My life sucks,I wish I could go back in time and live like normal people,but I'm not sure of the definition of normal from back then,I only know my normal

Well,you met me,but I gotta go and help my mum with dinner,hope u stick around for my story

Sincerely,Dakota Welsh

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