My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


1. The day that changed it all

Adriana's P.O.V.

I woke up took a shower and put a light blue skirt with a withe top that says love. I put my black vans and curled my hair. I grab my bag and mom drove me to school. When I got to school I went to my locker grab the things I needed then I headed to class. I'm ten minutes early I sat at the back like always. I like to sit in the back because no one pays attention to me or what I'm doing. Next to me sat Liam he had brown eyes and hair he seems nice, in front of him sat Zayn he had dark brown hair almost black and brown eyes he seems a bit shy like me but also had this bad boy look, in front of me sat Niall he had blonde hair and blue eyes likes to laugh a lot in front of him sat Louis he had brown hair and blue eyes he seems funny and care free, next to him and in front of Zayn was Harry he had brown curly hair and gorgeous green eyes and a beautiful smile. I always had a crush on him since 7th grade. But he doesn't like me. I don't think I have ever seen him holding hands with a girl or kissing he had almost every girl in the classroom chasing after him but its like he doesn't care. Yeah I have seen him with girls but it seems like their just friends. Even the most popular girl at school Katy has tried getting close to Harry but like I said I never saw them holdings hands or kissing and I'm sure I would know if they are together by now why? you may ask because every time she's with a boy she tells everybody that their dating. I've been so lost in my thoughts that I didn't realize the class has started. I started to pay attention to what the teacher was saying. When she was done with today's lesson she sat at her desk.

-Now class there still ten minutes left you can talk or whatever just don't make too much noise-said the teacher

She was a strange teacher she didn't really care about what were doing I think she's just tired of putting up with our shit.

-Hey Adriana-said Liam

-Um Hey?-

That sounded more like a question but its strange he's talking to me he's always talking with the other guys. They were really close friends they're are almost always together and they usually never pay attention to me well I think since I always look to the window and daydream so I don't pay attention to them either.

-Why are you looking at me like that?-he said laughing

-What?!?- I said confused

-You're looking at me like I just said the weirdest thing ever when I only said Hey Adriana-

-Sorry its just you're always talking to the other guys-

-It's ok-

-We kept talking till the bell rang I began to put all my things in my bag. Liam stayed waiting for me.

-Why didn't you left with the others?-

-Oh sorry If you want to be alone I can go-

-No I don't mean it like that its just that we'll it's weird your not with Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry-

-They are waiting for me at the door but I don't think they will mind you walking with us-

-Okay, you know we have free period now and I don't want to bother you or the other guys-

-I'm sure they won't mind if you keep us company so do you want to stay with us?-


We walked out of the classroom and as Liam said the guys were waiting for us well him.

-Hey guys you know Adriana right?-

-Yeah- they all said at the same time ok that's a little creepy.

-ok well she's staying with us today-

They all nodded. We walked towards the front of the school. We sat under a tree.We started talking and I got to say I'm enjoying being with them they are so funny. I was having a good time but Harry seemed so quiet. He wasn't talking very much and I think it's because I'm here. Maybe he hates me. I know he would never like me the way I like him but I thought we at least could be friends. When the bell rang we all stood up to go to the next class. We were walking to class when Louis pushed Harry and he fell into some mud. We all started to laugh. Harry glared at Louis who was standing next to me and pick up some mud and throw it but instead of hitting Louis it hit me. Now my face and white shirt was cover in mud.

-HARRY!!!- I said crossing my arms and playfully glaring at him He laughed.

-I'm sorry it was meant to hit Louis- he said laughing

-Now what I am supposed to do I can't go in to class all cover in mud!!!-

-You can wash your face in the bathroom-

-yeah but what about my top-

-I can give you my purple jack wills hoodie to cover it-

-Ok thanks-

We walked towards his locker, the others went to class since we were already late. He got another t-shirt for him and have me the hoodie. We walked towards the bathroom he obviously went to the men's one and I to the ladies one. I washed all the mud from my face and from my top but you can see a big brown stain since my top was withe. I put on the hoodie and fixed my hair. I walked out of the bathroom and Harry was waiting for me we started walking to class.

-Do you want to go to the movies later?-said Harry

Omg he invited me to the movies. But I can't go my father is coming today.

-Sorry but I can't my dad is coming today to visit me and I haven't see him in a long time maybe another day?-

-Yeah- He said

We started walking to class. We were 20mins late. We told the teacher we both fell in the mud and she just let us in and told us to be more careful and not to be late again or we will have detention.The next two classes were gone fast and soon it was lunch time. I walked to the cafeteria and found Ally waiting for me. Ally had brown hair and blue eyes, she was carefree and funny thats why she's my best friend.

-Hey girl I buy you a sandwich-said Ally

-Thanks- I said grabbing the sandwich

-What's up with you, you seem sad-

I told her everything that happened.

-He asked you out on a date!!! HE LIKES YOU!!! Ally whispers/scream since she didn't want to drag attention to us

-He didn't say it was a date maybe he just wanted to go to the movies and asked me if I wanted to go with him so he didn't have to go alone-

-Why don't you ask him if it was a date or no?-

-I'm not gonna ask him that Ally your crazy girl!!!-

-Ok ok do it your way then and you'll never know-

-Stop it I know what your trying to do and your not gonna convince me to ask him-

-Fine- she pouted

We kept talking and when the bell rang. Ally went to math and I went to English. I hate that we don't have any classes together. The rest of the day went fast Harry didn't talk to me again maybe he's mad because I didn't went to the movies with him or maybe he just hates me. Ugh I'm over thinking again. At least now I can go home. I almost forgot that my father who I haven't seen in a year is coming today to see me. Since mom and him divorced I haven't seen him. Mom told me he married another woman a month after he left the house and he had twins one boy and one girl. It's sad to think that he left us to go to another family was I not a good daughter that he left so he can have another family? My mom came to pick me up. I walked to the car and got in the passenger seat.

-Hey mom-

-Hey honey, How was your day?-

-It was fine-

-Did something happened that I don't know?- she said with an evil smile weird.


-oh really and were did you get that hoodie?- I forgot I had the hoodie on.

I told her everything that happened today, how Liam talked to me and I stayed with them and the Harry thing.

-Oh isn't Harry that guy you like since a long time ago?-

-Yeah he is-

-Oh I bet he likes you and he's just jealous-

-Yeah I wish-

We got home and I went to my room to put my things. I went to the bathroom and took a shower. I put a grey sweatshirt that said Love in pink with some black skinny jeans and my pink converse I let my hair loose since I curled it this morning. I went downstairs. Mom was on the phone she screamed something I didn't understand then hang up.

-Who was that and why were you yelling to him over the phone?- I ask mom

-It was your dad he said he's not coming-


-I'm sorry sweetheart- said mom giving me a hug.

-it's ok, I'm gonna go get some fresh air-

-Ok don't come back too late-


I grabbed some money and my phone and started walking. I walked for like 40minutes and I saw a Starbucks. I entered and ordered some coffee and a chocolate cookie. I ate the cookie and drink the coffee and then I walked to a park that was close and I sat on a bench for a while thinking until Liam came.

-Hey Adriana- he said sitting beside me

-Hey Liam-

-What happened?-


-Your eyes are red and you seem like you've been crying don't tell me nothing happened c'mon you can trust me-

-It's just that my Dad divorced from my mother so he can marry another woman about a year ago and he was supposed to come today to see me since he moved to California and he called saying he wasn't coming and well I'm so sad and mad at him and I wonder if it was my fault he left that I wasn't a good daughter and thats why he left and had more children-

-I'm sure it's not your fault there just things we simply can't control- he said giving me a hug I put my head in his shoulder and started crying he started stroking my hair and softly singing he had a beautiful voice.

-Thanks Liam-

-No problem that's what friends are for-

We stayed there for a while. I looked at the clock and it was 6:00pm.

-I got to get going Liam its a long walk home thanks for cheering me up-

-I can give you a ride home-

-You sure?-

-Yeah c'mon let's go-

We walked to his car. He drove me home. We spent the whole car ride singing to whatever song came on the radio. I got off the car.

-Thanks for everything Liam- He smiled and said no problem then left.

I enter the house and mom was watching t.v. I sat next to her.

-I'm sorry honey, but we don't need him were fine without him-

-Yeah I guess you right, thanks for always being there for me mom- She hugged me.

We stayed there watching t.v. for a while.

-I'm going to sleep mom I'm tired-

-Okay honey-

I went to my room and changed to my pjs. I laid in bed and fell asleep almost immediately.


Hey guys!!! This is my first fan fiction yay!!! well I hope you enjoy it. :D thanks for reading and vote.

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