She could be the one


1. chapter 1 -Sadie-

It was 2pm, a hour til our biggest game of the season! Like I said we have a hour. For that hour I'll be stuck in chemistry. "Ok class today we will be dissecting a shark stomach in groups" ugh just great probably stuck with some loser who is to afraid to even help. "Bella and sandie are partners" thank God I didn't get sandie she is the most girliest girl in out class she would never touch a sharks stomach even with gloves. "William and Sadie" well that's me. Sadie is very quiet most of the time she is sitting by herself in the cafeteria reading a book. I have never talked to her. She was a beautiful girl. Long brown curly hair, with blue eyes that looked like the ocean, and about 5'8. She was my partner.

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