Mystery girl finds her man

When mystery girl izzy finds her weakness when one direction perform in her dreams she starts to go crazy. Things happen. People go missing . But nobody knows who's behind it ...


1. The Dream

I was asleep warm in my bed under my fluffy blankets cuddling my Louis cushion dreaming ... In a beach house, sat out on the decking. People were performing right in front of my eyes. I wasn't taking any notice but I cod feel it something was going to happen something exiting something that I wanted to see feel and believe it was real...

Moments later coming from the background I could here the tune to you & I playing getting louder in my ears. Smoke broke out onto the stage, girls running over screaming I couldn't see over the crowd or the smoke blurring my vision. I couldn't see what was going on. Barging my way through the crowd desperate to find out what was going on, reaching the front of the stage there they were standing only centimetres away from me ONE DIRECTION

I started feeling faint like my whole life's wishes were coming down crumbling on top of me, I collapsed people started rushing towards me . Soft hands touching the sides of my face trying to get me back to conciseness . It was Louis Tomlinson him self I was starting to cry I tried to catch my breath like my lungs were restricting me . BANG. I fell landing on my back on the cold hard wooden or wishing that it was real not just a dream. Later izzy read the that one direction were actually coming to there home town a sudden screech filled through the house waking the neighbours up from there sleep. " what is it now izzy " here dad moaned. "Eek one direction are coming to town and the first 20 people who purchase the ticket get there money back can we get a ticket please please please " she squealed right into her dad's face "No izzy if I've told you once I've told you twice we are bit going to see one direction" he groaned. " But dad there only £50 pounds "hoping she'd get some luck. " let me think about it and discuss this with your mum first, when do the tickets go on sale? " "umm I believe that it's on Wednesday " she cried with happiness

On the way to school her and her best friend Lucy walked to school sharing new facts that they found out about one direction on the way to school they were so deep into convertsIon that they nearly walked past the school gates.

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