New generation: Hogwarts

The next generation joins Hogwarts! harry Potters daughter and her BFF ellie have adventures together at Hogwarts!!


1. A little about me


I am Lily potter, an 11 year old girl. I am finally old enough to go to the greatest school in England, Hogwarts. My best friend is Ellie, the really friendly girl with light brown hair and bright blue eyes. I don't want to brag but..... I am the daughter of the amazing Harry potter, the one who slaughtered Lord Voldemort. James potter is my 2 years older brother, who likes to pull the odd, no, the at least twice a day practical joke. Ellie is really fond of James, I think she might have a crush on him... It annoys me sometimes to see my best friend hanging out with my brother! She thinks he is a right laugh, and She does admit that she takes part in most practical jokes he has up his sleeve. Oh, i forgot. to mention that my other brother Albus Severus is great fun too, he is in Gryiffindor, along with me, Ellie and James. He is actually named after Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape, both of whom sounded like courageous men, and I wish they were still here because I would love to meet them! James and Ellie (and maybe me) would also love to pull a prank on Snape, but not Albus Dumbledore because he would be headmaster. My favourite teacher would have to be professor Longbottom, because he is funny and kind. When we are not at Hogwarts, in the holidays, Ellie practically lives around my house! We have so many sleepovers, and she comes to my house practically every day.

Once, James, Ellie and I pulled a joke on our history of magic teacher, (because her classes are really boring). We put a charm on her chair so that when she sat down, she became hot and sweaty, and her clothes became boiling! Of course James is not in our classes but he helped us learn the charm to put on the chair. 


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