Caspar is a lone vampire on a killing spree... He wants no emotions.. He wants to remain numb.
But his next victim unravels his plans

(I have written this so I can continue on with this story and make it longer than 3000 words after the competition :3
Happy reading )


1. Chapter one

~~"Why?" she lifelessly gasped.
I flicked my tongue, licking some of her blood off of my lips.
"I need to feed off your pretty."
She had stopped struggling by now, her pathetic attempts to push me off earlier in vain.
"I don't understand" came a quiet, dull voice, before death washed over her eyes.
"And you never will, sweetheart" I muttered, using my thumb to collect the blood dripping down my chin.
No one ever will.

I scanned the crowd. I usually could wait a couple of months between victims, but the need was becoming stronger. I needed a new girl, and fast.
I chuckled to myself. Maybe I was doing this so often simply because it has become too easy.
Girls are horribly predictable.
I'm tall, dark, mysterious, sweet and sexy. I'm a smooth talker. I'm too alluring for them to resist.
Well, my character is, anyway.
When I let the right words roll off my tongue, they'd fall at my feet.
I strode throughout the city, searching for a suitable girl. There was only one rule.
She had to be pretty.
Suddenly, my hair swayed with the breeze caused by a girl brushing past me. I deeply inhaled. The smell of her peachy perfume mixed with the scent of her blood was simply irresistible. I decided to follow her, not sure whether she fitted my standards yet.
I used my long legs to easily walk nearby her, so I could judge her face.
Oh wow... She'd do... She'd do nicely.
She had sleek red hair, a change from the usual blondes and brunettes. She also had blue eyes... Fascinating. Red hair and blue eyes... Very rare combination. She had pale, freckled skin and barely pink lips.
She brushed her long hair off her neck.
I bit my lip, character kicking in.
Mm. Yes. I wanted to suck the blood out of that pretty little neck.
I've decided. She's mine now.
I closed my eyes and exhaled, getting ready to fully embrace my character.
"Hello" I said huskily, walking right beside her, syncing our steps. Her eyes flickered up to me.
Her voice wasn't high and annoying, but slightly low and smooth.
"You're very pretty." I made sure my teeth were dormant before producing a lazy half grin that girls seem to love.
"And you're very cheesy" she retorted.
Ah... She was one of those girls.
Insecure. Pretends that she has no feelings for you, but, in reality, she'll fall for me faster than any other girls.
I continued grinning at her.
"No one tells you, do they?"
She blushed, which heightened my need.
"Not really."
"Well, you are."
I continued walking with her, with calm, long strides,while she was on the verge of jogging.
She then sighed.
"Why are you following me?"
"I told you. You're very beautiful."
She finally smiled.
I smirked.
"I'm Ava."
She cocked her head.
"Weird name" she frowned.
"Don't ruin your pretty face with a frown" I told her.
"Already telling me what to do?" she grinned.
And she had given it away in that one sentence.
She wanted to see more of me. She wanted us to be together.
With that one sentence, she had signed her own death certificate.
"I like to be in control."
She shook her head and smiled.
I calmly looked ahead.
"Come have coffee with me."
"I'm sorry Caspar, but I'm busy, I have stuff to do, I-"
"Coffee" I said sternly.
I grabbed hold of her hand, and my eyes widened.
An old, familiar sensation rippled through my body.
I looked down at her grinning face, and the feeling intensified.
No, I told myself. You feed to numb. Don't bring emotions into it.
I led her into the coffee shop I usually chose, making sure to sit in the back. I didn't need the staff memorising her.
"I'll be right back" I muttered to her, stuffing my hands into my pockets, getting into character again. Emotions will cause this to go horribly wrong. I shouldn't even be thinking about it, or I'll mess everything up.
"Two black coffees and a vanilla cupcake" I ordered in a low, barely audible voice.
Girls love cupcakes. They find them to be cute. And vanilla is always a winner.
I dropped the tray on the table, and pushed a coffee and the cupcake over to the girl.
"Aw, Caspar!" she gushed.
Hm. Very insecure... Little self worth. Almost too easy of a target.
"You didn't have to do that!"
I shrugged.
"I wanted to."
She blushed and shyly smiled, tucking her hair behind her pixie ear. She looked up at me and her pupils dilated.
I had her in the palm of my hand.
So why wasn't I feeling the usual triumph and adrenaline? Why was I feeling... Uncomfortable?
I bit the inside of my lip hard enough to pierce a hole. My eye twitched in pain.
Stop it, Caspar. You need to feed to remain numb. Get into damn character.
"Thank you" she said softly.
"It's only a cupcake and coffee" I said, creating a dazzling smile.
She giggled again. I enjoyed that sound.
I closed my eyes.
I needed to destroy that sound.
"It's sweet. Very few boys are sweet."
I gently tilted my head to the side.
"Aren't they? I wouldn't really know."
She shook her head.
"Very few sweet boys."
I raised my eyebrows and nodded.
"But" she smiled. "Tell me about yourself."
I grinned.
"Well, I-" I abruptly stopped.
You fool! Be the character! Not your old self.
"You..?" she curiously prodded.
"There's nothing to tell" I said in a low tone. She looked slightly taken aback.
"You seem more interesting. You start."
"Well... I'm Ava. I'm eighteen. I do stupid little modeling jobs to pay my way through college. Um, a microbiology course. I do charity work on the side, and I have a cat called Sheldon."
I grinned.
"You're also a chatterbox."
She giggled again.
"I know."
And she didn't shut up from there.
She told me about and her college and why she called her black kitten Sheldon
Why was her constant chatter making me happy? Why wasn't it frustrating me? Making me impatient? Why was it making me feel so good?
I was panicking.
This needed to end, now.
"Want to come back to mine?" I asked, interrupting her talk about a new, pioneering research in microbiology.
"Why..?" she cautiously asked.
"I think we've overstayed our welcome" I muttered, flickering my eyes over to the guy at the cashier, who was scowling at us.
"Or we could go to yours. Whatever makes you more comfortable." My voice was too cold...
Character, Caspar! Your voice is fine!
"Whatever you want" she smiled perkily.
Hmm. She didn't seem to notice my off-handish tone.
I was hugely relieved, to my own annoyance.
"Let's go to my house then."
She decided to hold my hand on the way over.
I wish she hadn't. I loved the amazing feeling she gave me, but I didn't want to. I wanted to hate it.
I unlocked the door, allowing Ava in, feeling abnormally nervous.
My character needed to stop slipping.
"Sit there" I instructed her, pointing at my infamous couch.
She did so, not questioning me.
Stupid girl.
I went into the kitchen, and took a swig of whiskey to calm my unusual nerves.
"Let's do this Caspar" I muttered to myself. "You need this. You need this. You need to remain numb."
I deeply inhaled and strode back in to Ava.
She innocently smiled.
My teeth didn;t seem to want to grow, but I forced them to.
I stopped and towered over her.
I swiftly grabbed her wrists and pushed her down.
"Caspar!" she screamed, her eyes wild with fear.
"Shh.." I said softly.
I made my teeth grow larger. I pressed myself ontop of her tiny body.
"Caspar!" she shrieked.
I rested my forehead on hers.
"Shh.." I repeated.
I dragged my head down and used my teeth to pierce two small holes in her neck.
She howled and writhed, violently struggling.
"So pretty" I mumbled into her ear.
"Stop!" she wept.
I lifted up my head and looked at her... Something I don't usually do until they've accepted that they're going to die.
"Please, Caspar!"
My breathing picked up
My character was quickly leaving me.
How has she done this to me?
All the blood I had consumed to make me immune, the pretty I had fed on to make me numb had stopped working.
Emotion came flooding back, and the whole reason I started this feeding spree came flooding back.
I was feeling love.
I looked into Ava's eyes, feeling the exact same emotions I once had.
I breathed harshly, my eyes tearing, the girl under me, blood trickling down her neck, not causing me excitement, adrenaline or the numbness that I craved, that I needed.
She filled me with love. Memories.
"Caspar.." she tearfully whispered, her body still rigid and tense.
I gulped, my old, dead love no longer numb and ignored, but alive.
My murdered girlfriend materilised in my head.
"Ella" I chocked.

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