Miami Boarders

Emma is an ordinary girl who goes to a private school in Scotland. Little does she know her life will be turned upside down.


1. Chapter 1

I sat on the benches in the quiet garden at school daydreaming. I was looking over at the proud and rugged mountains that were the backdrop to our private school for girls. My friends chattered away behind me but I didn’t realise until Ashley started shouting my name. “Emma, Emma, EMMA!” I looked round and said “Sorry guys I was daydreaming” This came as no surprise to them because I'm a serial daydreamer!

“Hey no worries” Ashley replied “we’re going in, in a minute, it’s nearly half past”.

“OK, it's science now. It'll take us that long to get to the lab,"


We all went inside and Ashley, my best friend, and I went through to the science lab. One of the walls in the corridors was glass and I looked out thinking how magical Scotland was and how it was bright sunshine just a minute ago and now it’s chucking it down with rain. We kept on walking until we reached the lab and our teacher was waiting for us. Our science teacher, Mr Riley, is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, popped into a lab coat! We don’t know much about him other than he’s not married and he's from Ireland (and we only know that because he talks in our lessons and doesn't wear a wedding ring!). We all wonder what he’s like out of school but nobody ever sees him. It’s like he lives in a cave, maybe he does! He’s a really good teacher though.


Science went over pretty quickly. We were doing acids and alkalis which is normally quite boring but we were doing experiments so everybody enjoyed it. I started to walk to P.E. when I realised that 8H, the other year 8 class, hadn't joined us. In fact neither had our class. I was on my own. I felt a flutter of worry come through me and then I realised that it wasn’t P.E. now, it was English. Not something that I enjoyed very much.


Our English teacher Miss Lee is really horrible. In all the other lessons we’re aloud to drink water and leave cardigans and coats on if it’s cold. Miss Lee won’t and it’s really unfair. Today it’s absolutely freezing and there is no heating in the English room. Also our winter uniform is a skirt with thick tights and a polo shirt. Our legs are fine but our arms can be nearly blue on cold days. To top it off, Miss Lee has a monotone voice that is very boring and it doesn’t help that what she is saying is boring too! At least fourth lesson is the shortest.


Lunch came and I practically ran through to the hall so I could eat my school dinner and make it to the library in 10 minutes. I spent every lunch time there because I can read and not worry about anything else. I am usually alone in there because my friends hate reading, and so do most of the school as well. For me there is nothing more than sitting in a big comfy chair engrossed in a book. I was reading a favourite book of mine. I don’t normally read books more than once. I seem to live a very solitary life but I'm around enough people in my lessons it's nice to have some time to my self.


Too quickly lunch was over. The bell rang and I ran outside to get in line. The sun was out again but it was still awfully cold. Frost was beginning to collect in the dips on our school field. I knew that there was only one more lesson of the day and that was P.E. The second bell rang and we all went inside, pleased to get in from the elements.


The changing rooms are the worst. There is no privacy at all. The least they could do is put in cubicles, but I suppose that would cost too much. I found a corner that was pretty private and decided to hand my bag up there. Our P.E. kit is a white top and Green netball skirt. I hate those skirts; they’re too short and bunch up whenever you jump, not a good look. The changing rooms are almost as old as the school itself. The pastel paint is flaking off the walls and ancient bits of graffiti are fading away un-noticed. The floors are a beige colour that contrasts the walls and the showers, thankfully, don't work anymore.


In P.E. we literally froze. I can’t describe how cold it was playing netball. At least I was on Ashley’s team. Sometimes that’s a bad thing, however, because she always picks the people who never get picked for her team. I know this is a bit harsh but we normally lose because of it. Today she seemed to be in an unusual mood and picked the best netball players.


Our team won by only one point. Ashley and I were being over dramatic (like usual) and dropped to the ground when we won. Mrs Nichols is nice but not that nice and told us to run around the courts twice. At least it warmed us up a bit!


After we had got changed I ran for my bus that would take me home. I couldn't wait as I had got cut short of a chapter of my book in lunch. The bus was there waiting and I got on and sat in my favourite seat; the back. I like it there because if you sit in the middle no one else really wants to sit there because they can’t be with all of their friends. I generally read on the bus but today i had some History homework I could do. Tonight the mist was coming in and it was getting dark but I new we’d be alright. I am always the last one off my bus and I have the most scenic route in the summer as the short cut home is over the mountains. In the fog or the winter it is closed as the snow gets too deep. What I love about Scotland is that the weather is never guaranteed.


The fog was thick when I got home. I new that my Mum and Dad wouldn't be home from work until 8:00pm so I got tea and read the end of my chapter in bed. I find that there is something special about reading in bed while the rain beats down and the fog swirls outside in the wind. It’s almost like ghosts haunting the air everywhere but it’s not scary at all. I had just finished my chapter when my parents got home. They didn't come up to speak to me but I thought it was just because it was early. I decided to get an early night and go to sleep. I had a big day tomorrow.

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