The Hidden Poison

I do not own BBC'S Sherlock, Or any themes or characters that belong to the BBC.

A series of Murders. All linked in one way... Their deaths are of unknown causes. Both Sherlock and John are under pressure and running out of time to capture the shadow murderer. So when the murderer takes one step too far and hits both John and Sherlock in a vicious attempt to show London what he is capable of, What will they do to ensure their and Londons safety before it's too late?

Poor summary!


1. Chapter one

Chapter One


Heavy rain drops pounded the dirty streets of London with speed. The narrow back street road became slippery with every drop, making every step the young woman took a danger to her own safety. Not that she was safe in the first place. She had consumed one too many drinks at the nightclub meaning her better judgement was clouded, Allowing a undetectiable mixture to be poured into her drinks. She was completely clueless to what was happening all around her, And followed every order the mystery man gave her. Little did she know that as she was stumbling down the street, She was actually being watched by the shadows.


As the woman's bright pink heels clicked their way down the street, Every so often tripping over themselves in her confusion, Her young small hands reached up to grab the dirty sand stone wall. As soon as she applied any pressure on the stone, It crumbled onto a heap underneath her and occasionally finding its way onto her long, Black dress. 


Moonlight wound its way into the dark, alluminating the street. As she reached the end of the street she sunk onto her knees, completly oblivious to a shadow wandering over to her tired and confused form. The shadow paused before it pressed its big hand over her mouth. She put up no stuggle and eventually she passed out, Allowing the man to give her one last bit of the drink and run into the dark night before the police got to the scene...

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