Lone Wolf

The grey wolf is on of many creatures of beauty but it seem that its vitious deeds are resulted in jugement by many.


1. lone wolf


Here lies the grey wolf.

Eyes golden and wide.

Needle sharp teeth

A sinister smile!


Can not tell or say

about It's doings.

The Sinser gore!

It's feelings cocoon.


The leader rush out.

to the massacre:unforgot.

To the farmer call of

the devil's pet!


he stray's for his next task.

As to roam for his platter

of treat of yellow ducks

that turn to red matter.


Brains in a stream.

lungs cradle to the floor.

This free wolf take them

and never has enough.


But the cure and flaw to all this

Is to live alone in Dark woods,

To howl alone in the mud leaves

Where no one ever stood.



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