Jeff The Killer ~The Secrets We Have~

The 'Boy' in the picture was me. I got undressed. I unhooked my bra and took a shower. I didn't see why mom made cross dress as a boy. It was stupid. I hate boys.


1. ~An All Boys School~

"Riley! Hurry and put your uniform on!" My mom said as I got dressed. I didn't see why they made girls where a boys uniform too. It looked stupid. And my mom cut my hair way to short. I almost looked exactly LIKE a boy. I got my bag full of clothes my mom packed me. I was going to stay at a dorm for high school. Which was good I needed a break from my mom and all. I went down stairs. "Is there any food?!?" I asked my mom hoping she would here. No answer. "Da-" I almost said his name again. I didn't want to bring up my dad. Who was murdered about a month before school started.

I looked down at a plate. "Yes!" I screamed. There was bacon on it. I are all of it. "Are you ready!" Mom shouted. "Yeah!" I said back with a stuffed face. I walked out of the house. "All of the family is at school so you don't have to worry." Mom said. "Okay but what do I do with this?" I asked her she pointed to the back if the trunk and popped it open. I put my bag in it and closed the trunk. I got into the car it was a 67' Chevy Impala. Mom started the car. "Guess what!" My mom said smiling a lot which kinda scared me. "What?" I asked. "Do you like your knew car?" Mom said. "Your joking right? No way. Thank you mom!" I said as I hugged her. She started the car.

We reached the school. Which didn't take long just about a thirty minute drive. Mom opened the trunk so I could get my bag. I was surprised to see that there where no girls. But I thought that they where all in there dorms. Soon I would be with the girls. We went into the principals office. "Why hello Mr. H" mom said in a polite voice. They shook hands. "So this is your lovely son?" The principal asked. "Why yes!" Mom said back. Woah woah... Waoh! I'm a girl! No there must be some mistake. "Welcome to Crater High School my dear boy!" Mr. H said. "Can I say good by to my son. On last time." Mom said grabbing onto me. "Why yes." He said I'm a jolly voice.

"Sweetie. I signed you up." I cut mom off. "What did you do. He called me a GUY!" I said. She shushed me. "I signed you up for an all boys school." Mom said

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