1. Birthday

This morning I jumped out of bed to find 23 messages on my phone. Every each of them telling me "Happy Birthday" I smiled. One was perticular, I red the sender and saw it was Maxime my bestfriend. You see Maxime is different, his not like the other guys. I walked my way to the mirror to see my horrible face. I was the so called "Birthday Girl", my hair was a huge and I kind of looked like a dog after using a blow drier. I grabbed the nearest brush and starting my hair, it was 7:10...

I looked again. It was 7:10!! Oh no! I grab one pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and runned downstairs! I couldn't miss the bus the day of my birthday, it will be so embarrassing! I hadn't even finish to brush my hair... I ran to the bus stop were was waiting Maxime. When he saw me he had that little smile he always does to me when his disgusted or wierded out. I smiled back.

-Did a tornado blow in your room?

I took out my phone to look and then I saw:

-NNNNNOOOO!!! I look like something with really bad hair. I yelled

He smiles again.

-Don't worry I got you covered.

He took out of his bag a girly looking makeup bag and told me: 

-Remember when you gave me this? In case of "emergency"

-You kept it?!

I jumped in for an hug and we found herselfs on the floor laughing. I just felt like it was going to be the best day ever. 

He pulled me back to my feet and handed me the makeup bag. Because of him my day was saved and I didn't have to look like Cruella all day long! Then from his other hand he gave me a wrapped up plastic thingy and said:

-Happy Birthday Hayls. That's your birthday cake my mom made it.

-Thanks again Max! I didn't take breakfast so....

He laughted and I laughted back. The bus came and we got in. While I was getting sitted I heard a voice behind me.

-Look isn't it Miss Tornado Hair.

From that moment I knew who it was.

Ashley the mean girl of 6th grade behind her was her little troup called "The dawgs" Layla and Carla. I stood up but Max pulled me down:

-What are you doing?

-Just watch...


I looked her right in the eyes:

-What's your problem?

-It's that you come to school everyday and I don't like you....

-Oh. Well you were that ugly face everyday and everywhere I never commented...

It was one point for me!

-Oh gosh Hayley I didn't know you could be that mean.

-Meaner than you I don't thing so...



She ran to hit me and then blank...

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