Luke hemmings imagines

Thought i would just make a few short imagines for you's who love luke xxx


1. 1


You and luke cuddled up on the sofa watching spongebob squarepants on the telly and luke sits up, "do you want me too make us some breakfast?" You nod and he walks off into the kitchen. Then a few minutes later he walks out with some cornflakes in a bowl, "thanks babe" you say as he gives the bowl to you. You continue to cuddle in the same position for hours.


you walk upstairs to get a shower when you hear luke in the shower singing she looks so perfect but replacing she with Y/N. "Y/N looks so perfect standing there...."

"LUKE, get out of the shower you have been in there for half and hour and your hurting my ears"

But he just ignored you so you walked of to your bedroom when you hear banging footsteps coming towards you, you quickly turn around but you are flung to the bed and you see a soaking wet man laughing. "Love you too"

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