DragonBall Battle of Chaos

This is a continuation of the popular DragonBall series. It is set right after the GT story line. It's a great and powerful story about Goku and all his friends taking on new enemy's and fighting new great powerful foes! Things will get rough. If you have seen or heard of the DragonBall franchise then I highly recommended that you watch it. It's a great show with tons of action, adventure and comedy. I urge you all to read this story cause it one you'll never forget.


1. A New Evil

It has been almost 5 years since the fight on earth against the terrible shadow dragons. The earth has been in a time of peacefulness for this time but soon all the peace that they have gotten used to, will change for ever.

A man stepped out of his car to see what the commotion was in the city he was driving through. He saw explosions happening all over the city and building tumbling down.

" This doesn't look good" the man said to himself. He flew up into the sky and through his suit and tie off to reveal a purple Gi with red braclets and a red belt. He flew up to where he saw purple energy blasts being fired at the city. " Hey stop that, there's helpless people down there!" he said. The other man appeared from the smoke. He appeared to be wearing a green Gi with silver arm braclets. His hair was as white as white can be. His hair looked very familiar.

" Ah yes, Son Gohan, how are you brother?" the strange man asked.

" How do you know my name and why are you calling me brother?" Gohan asked in astonishment.

" Fool, you don't even recognize your own brother?" the man asked.

" Brother?" Gohan thought to himself, " I only have one brother and that's Son Goten!"

" Or so you think" the man said, " whatever the case may be, I'm going to destroy this planet no matter what!"

" Not if I can help it!" Gohan roared. He flashed with an aura of pure gold. His hair gold as well. " I'll stop you at all cost!" Gohan stated.

" Oh a Super Sayian huh?" the man asked, " We'll I didn't think you at it in you brother."

"IM NOT YOUR BROTHER!!!!!!!!" Gohan shouted as he charged straight at the foe with all his strength. He threw a barrage of punches and kicks at the man but to now avail. Gohan had had enough of this guy. Gohan cupped his hands as a blue orb of energy appeared in his hands. "KAME............. HAME............ HA!!!!!!!!!!!" He shouted as he shot the giant blue energy blast straight at the man. The man single handedly deflected it and flew straight up to Gohan's face.

" You just don't get it do you?" He grabbed Gohan by the hair and pounded him senseless. Gohan couldn't believe what was happening. The man threw him through a building and shot a giant blast of energy at Gohan. Gohan couldn't get up at all. He couldn't feel part of his body at all.

" Ow!!!!!!" He yelped, " I think we're in really deep shit now".

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