She Wolf

(Niall Horan Supernatural FanFiction) A normal girl, goes to high school like every other teenager. A boy, just trying to live a normal life. These two teens are not your normal teens, they both have a secret, and broken hearts. Will these two find them selves tangled in love? Or in trouble and even more heart broken?


1. She Wolf Character: Faith

Faith McDaniels

Hi, I'm Faith McDaniels, a 19 year old girl who goes to O'Riley High school. I'm not your, 'oh so average' girl, I can change in to what you call a 'werewolf', but to me, we call us Canis. I guess I'll tell you how I look, I have: light brown hair with dark highlights, hazel eyes, I stand 5'5 and I'm not to skinny mini, just, average. I have a few friends, but I'm acquaintances with many other people. I live in a small house by the forest, me, m mum, dad, and two dogs Tasha and Spark, both look like wolfs from afar, but I promise, they are as friendly as can be once they get to know you! Bye :)

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