Me, Myself and I

13 year old Megan is officially a teenager. She opens a birthday gift to find 10 One Direction concert tickets! During the second half of the concert, she goes missing. Megan wakes up 2 days later on a jet with One Direction. What will she do?


1. The Beginning

Megan P.O.V.


When I woke up this morning, I wasn't a little girl, I was officially a teenager, 18 years old.

I ran downstairs to find my mom making me waffles and a gift on the counter with my name on it.

"Mom, is this for me?" I asked.

"Yes. Open it." My mom said and I started ripping the wrappings off. I opened the box that the wrappings were covering to find 10 One Direction tickets.

I screamed at the top of my lungs. This is the best gift ever!


30 minutes later


When I got dressed, I called 9 of my friends. My best friend, Jamie, said "Oh my gosh! Yes! I love your mom so much!" Jamie said, "But I have to be back by 1:00 in the morning or else I'm grounded." Jamie added.

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