Back for you

Will they fall in love??


1. Coming back


Amanda POV

I was done packing everything and it was all in the car. I can't believe I am going to see those five idiots after 3 years.I just wore a a white tank top that's says the word love with an infinity sign, the tank top had big arm holes, so underneath I wore a bandeau and for bottoms I wore my shorts and my converse underneath, also did some makeup and wore a owl necklace and let my light brown hair down. I can't wait to continue my Dancing and cheerleading but in London and with my best friends.I grabbed my white iphone 5 and left for the airport.

Skip airport part ➡️

I was waiting for guys to pick me up.i felt a hand On my shoulder which startled and I jumped a little and turn around and see it was harry and the boys were right behind him laughing there heads off.

" you scared the crap out of me" -me telling harry while hugging him.

"oh well sorry didnt mean to scare you like that"-Harry while letting go of our hug.And i hug all the boys and the last one was liam, it felt so awkward huging him, no that there was something going on between us or anythig it was just that he was making it really awkward.

"ohh" everyone said that at the same time which was really confusing while we were hugging

"What,would any of you like to tell me what's going on"-me

" We will tell you when we get home, cause Perrie and Elounor are waiting for us" -Harry

"Oh right Perrie and Eleanor I can't wait to tell them all your guys embarrassing moments,I can't wait to meet them and get to know them cause thanks god I will have girls around and not just you guys"-me

"Wait, just to clarify I am single"-Liam

"Okay...can we go now"-me

We finally started to leave and the moment I stepped outside all I saw was fans and paparazzi.It took us a while to get to the car.we finally got in and left the airport.The whole ride home we basically talked.

"Finally ,we're here" I jump out of the car

"Don't worry the driver will take you suitcases to your room" Louis tells while me to the front door

"DING DONG" we ring the bell waiting for someone to open the door and then finally Perrie opens the door, she looks gorgeous as always😍

"OMG Amanda it's so nice to meet you, the boys have talked so much about you" she excitedly welcomes me into a hug and right behind her was Eleanor so I also gave her a hug.We all go inside and sat on the couch.And started talking about my dance and random stuff.

" so are you excited " -Harry

"YES a lot " I reply and then my phone starts ringing my ringtone was royals by lorde

I check to see who it was and it was Austin my EX boyfriend, ever since I broke up with him he had always wanted to get back together and keeps asking me for to give him another chance. But I decided to pick up.

"Yea what Austin"

"Babe please I want us to get back together"- Austin

"WHAT THE HELL" , never,are you out of your mind,after what you did you still expect me to get back together, umm no you know what don't ever call me again". After I was done yelling at him I hung up the phone.

"Sorry guys for the yelling"I apologized to them all

"No need, was that your EX" -Niall

"Umm...yea but it's nothing, just leave it, can we please change the topic"I begged

"Okay well how about we all go the movies and then we can go out for dinner,so get ready in 20 mins and the girls will help you" -Harry

Ok so I went upstairs and started getting ready. I did my makeup, and I decide to put on white jeans a light pink shear tank top which showed a bit if my stomach,my wedges and a small black sling bag and I decided to keep my hair they way it was and just brushed it through,I just had a Tattoo that was showing and it was below my belly button and just up my hip, it just said my name AMANDA, and I went downstairs everybody was there, all ready to go. I was down the stairs.

"Are you guys ready to go" -me

"Yea you are just.... WHOA " -Liam

"What... Why is everyone staring" -me

"You look amazing and I didn't know you had a tattoo"-Liam

"Thanks ,and Yea I got one, I love getting tattoos but I don't know what tattoo should I get next, well we can talk about my tattoo later lets to we are getting late "-me

"Yea we should get going" -Harry

Liam's POV

Amanda looks beautiful. Just as she was about to step out the door,harry goes running towards her and pick her up on his shoulder . My fists clinched,my blood boiled.

"PUT ME DOWN STYLES"-Amanda yells

After harry was done picking her up and taking her to the car, I thought that I really needed to talk to the lads about telling Amanda, ever since she left England I realized my feelings for her .We all got in the car, Louis was about to drive when Amanda asked something.

" Louis can I drive"

"Umm.. Sure if you want" he agrees

"Ok so Who is going to sit with me" I ask they all exchanged looks.

" LIAM"-everyone

"Ok well get in Liam" -Amanda

We all sat in the car and left. She is a really fast driver.

" slow down Amanda" Niall and zayn yell from the back.

"Well if you think this is fast then you should see my when I am drunk, none of you want to be in the same car as me when I am drunk" -Amanda

Amanda's POV

We finally arrived at the cinema after that " fun" car ride with everyone. We we are going to watch catching fire.So this is how we all basically sat it was Louis,Eleanor,Niall,Harry,me,Liam,perrie and zayn.Soon the movie started, half the time harry kept making me laugh, thank god I controlled myself. When the movie was over we all went to dinner.we all sat at a table of 8, there were four of us on both sides.

Seating:On one side it was Louis,Elounor,Niall and Harry. On the other side it was zayn,Perrie,me and Liam. We ordered dinner and Niall was the happiest out of all.surprise surprise:)

Skip dinner and car ride home➡️

"Yes,home sweet home"-Niall

"Ok everyone, go and get changed and come downstairs"-Harry

"Ok"-me and went upstairs to change.i wore my light purple pj pants and a loose white crop top with writing that says "DREAM"and I just kept my hair up in a high pony tail and went downstairs.everyone was there except.

"Hey Amanda, come we are just starting truth or dare"- Niall

"Ok sure"-me

"Ok but we need partners,so pick your partner"-zayn

"Ok umm ... Liam"-me

"YES I will be your partner"-Liam

"Ok so let's start the game you little carrots"-Louis.

Sometimes I don't get Louis

Ok so we started playing truth or dare and we didn't know who should start first so we had a big yelling argument and then we finally decided that Louis should go first.

"Ok Louis, so who are you asking first"-Harry

"Harry "-Louis, everyone then stare at me.


"I dare you to kiss Amanda-Louis and then everyone looks at me. Liam stands up and walk out the door.what happened to him, why did he leave?

"Someone go get him, It's raining out there"-Niall

"I will go after him"-me

What's up with him, he isn't the Liam I know, he has been acting weird ever since we met at the airport.And its starting to worry me.

"Hey Liam are you okay"-me

"What...umm yea I am fine I just needed fresh air"-Liam

"Oh ok, buts it's raining, and you don't look fine"-me

"Amanda it's nothing"-Liam

"Ok, if you say so"-me

After what happened I know for sure that something is up and I know that Liam won't tell me.

So after all this I was to tired and went to bed but I couldn't sleep so I decided to check Instagram and twitter. I scrolled down the things people tagged me in and there were pics of me and Liam holding hands while coming out of the airport after all of that I decided to Twitter.And it was they same thing, and some people were even saying that we are a ... COUPLE.

Ok so Liam and me are friends but defiantly not a couple.

AN- hi guys so this is the first chapter,hope you all enjoyed

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