Hi my name Sarah. Don't ask my last name because I don't know it. My parents left me as a baby because of brain problems. When I was 3 I went in to foster care at Mrs. Shinny's adoption center. I have never left the adoption center because people don't want to deal with my brain problems. I have brown hair and brown eyes.


1. ~Mrs. Shinny's~

(Sarah pov)

It was 6 am and the Mrs. Shinny walked into my room. "Good morning Sarah. How are you holding up?" "The same like always not talking to anyone." "Well I have some good news for you Sarah." "What is it?" I asked sadly. I always talk sad so Mrs. Shinny doesn't really care. "I have clients coming to take a look at some girls the age of 13 who are special. I thought of you this could be your chance to get out of the place." "Thank you Mrs. Shinny. What if they don't like quiet girls I get scared easily if you yell at me I start crying." "Trust me they will get you out of your scared stage and you just have to stay strong." Mrs. Shinny said. "When are they coming?" "Any minute now come down stairs with me." I followed Mrs. Shinny downstairs to her office and waited.

Sorry it's so short. Don't have really that long to write every chapter. Will post more when I get 2 reads. Scribe and tell me what you think so far.

Love you directioners and mixers



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