One Choice can Create You

This is a fanfic if the whole series was just Tris' aptitude test.
Enjoy NAND make sure you like/favorite and comment!


1. Chapter 1

My eyes fly open. I see Tori sitting in front of me. 

"Congratulations, Beatrice. You have completed your Aptitude Test. Your acts of bravery show that you belong in Dauntless. I'll see you there when initiation begins."

Tori smiles. I get up and leave the room. I meet up with Caleb and we go home together. When we are halfway home, Caleb breaks the silence. 
"How was your test? You took a lot longer than most people did."

"It was awful."

I reply. 

"What happened?"

"You know we're not supposed to talk about the tests."

"I'm your brother. I think you can tell me."

I shake my head. He sighs. 

"Can you at least tell me the results?"

"What was yours?"

"Okay fine."

We arrive home in silence. We eat dinner and prepare for the choosing ceremony tomorrow. 


As I wake the next morning I remember what day it is. Choosing day. I dress in my grey dress and I put my hair in a bun on the back of my head, the way the Abnegation wear it. I eat a small breakfast and then we leave to go to the choosing with my parents and Caleb. 

"Beatrice," my mother turns to me. "I will always love you, no matter what happens."

I smile and hug her. Soon, the ceremony begins and Marcus Eaton begins calling people to choose. Caleb is called. He walks to the bowls and cuts his hand. I watch as he moves his hand over the Erudite bowl. His blood drips into the water. This is what happened in my test. I hope it doesn't end the same though. My parents are beginning to get over their shock of Caleb leaving. Marcus turns back to the crowd. 

"Beatrice Prior."

My mother squeezes my hand. I smile slightly. I then get up and walk to the choosing bowls. I look at the burning Dauntless coals. Then I pick up the knife and slice my hand and shift my hand over the coals. My blood drips down and the Dauntless start cheering for a new member. I glance over my shoulder at my parents. They look shocked and my father looks mad. I look away, not wanting to keep thinking about the fact that I left them. 

"Welcome to Dauntless!"

A Dauntless with tattoos over his face and neck and piercings around his eyes exclaims to me. I smile. 

Soon the ceremony is over and everyone starts to leave. I follow the Dauntless, running to keep up with them. We get to the train and jump on. I fall into the train next to a Candor girl. 

"Hi! I'm Christina."

She says. 


I reply. 

"We made it. Are they trying to get us all killed?"

Christina asks. 

"I'm not sure. Probably though."

I laugh. 

Soon enough, the train ride is over and I look out the door, just to see the Dauntless jumping off the train. 

"Their jumping!"
I exclaim. 

Christina jumps to her feet and looks next to me. 



We jump together and land a few moments later on the roof of a large building. 

"Attention initiates! I'm Max, one of the Dauntless leaders.  In order to get into headquarters, you have to jump. Who's first?"

Most of the initiates look down at their feet or just stand there. I can't take it much longer.


I step forward to the edge of the building. I don't think. 

I just jump. 

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