Anna has been bullied since she stepped into kindergarten she wonders why she gets bullied but she never found out. One day she goes into her car and pulls out a bottle of pills and pours them in her hand and closes her eyes and swallows them. "ANNA OPEN THE DOOR!" She look up and saw....


1. The Pain Beggins


I drag my feet towards my first class, history. I slowly frowned because I knew Rebecca was in that class with me. Rebecca has bullied me since she lent her eyes on me. "Ugh the slut is back!" Rebecca remarked everyone just started to laugh. I looked down and walked to my seat which was at the end of the room thank god!

"Ok class we are going to learn about The Middle Ages!" Everyone just rolled there eyes and started chatting again. I just put my head in my arms and just closed my eyes.

"Anna, Anna, Anna!" I looked up and saw Mrs. Lee. "The class is over please get to your next class." I nodded and remembered I have science next which isn't that bad because there's only Sam. He use to be my best friend until Rebecca a started dating him and then he turned on me.

"Excuse me." I looked at Sam. "What?!" He said irritated.

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