Everyone hates me

Abbie said Ariel come on it's time for school and so we went and when I walked into school everyone started to call me mean names and when I got pushed a boy came by and said are you ok love and I said yeah I guess so thanks what's your name and he said Liam Payne from one direction and Abbie said your Liam Payne and she didn't scream and they walked and talk and Abbie got a text from her friend and said come here I need to talk to you and when she left she had Liam's phone and it said Liam's babe and she loved it. Two years later when Liam got in a car crash and died Abbie was devastated and Liam was her angle and Abbie got married with Niall and when she got old she told the story to her granddaughter and she loved it and when Abbie died Liam and Abbie will always be with each other and that's how they met and when Niall died he will always protect Abbie and Liam and their kid the end


1. Abbie pov

Abbie said James come on and when they went to school a boyband came and they said hi were one direction and James said hi I'm James cook this is Abbie potter and welcome to Avalon high and James told them to sit down and Abbie said James I got a phone call from my aunt my mom and dad died in a plane crash and I'm going home and call me later and when she went out to the door and cried on the bus a doorbell ringed and James came In and the boys said were sorry about your mom and dad Abbie and they gave Abbie a hug and Abbie said excuse me for a moment and she went in her room And cried and James came in and said the boys miss you so much come with me and it will be ok when she went down stairs she said what the crap is this and the boys said a bed for you Abbie James potter and she cried. To continued. When she cried on James shoulder and she said thanks for the meal James and I'm going to bed when she went up stairs and Liam and the boys came to stay with her forever and she said I'm going to go get In the shower and when she came out and she saw the boys sleeping in her bed when she got in bed she cried so the boys waked up and they slept with her and when she got up she got a text message from Liam: thanks for the hospitality and we will come back tonight love Liam Payne oh I Also made breakfast and see you tonight and when she went down she and she loved the breakfast. Two years later James got married Jane Anderson and Abbie got married to Liam Payne and when she had a daughter she named it Alice and that is so sweet and when her daughter had grown up she got old and Liam died and so did Abbie and Alice told the story about her mom and dad met and she dad and she loved them very much the end

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