We'll never be royals

Miley and Gigi are 2 best friends that live together.
Miley has some kind of history with Harry Styles. He has done something horrible to her. But she loved him.
What happened? What will happen?
Read, you won't regret it.
Thank you ❤️


6. why do I feel guilty?

Miley's POV:

"How does it feel" Gigi asked while hugging me

"Can I ask you something?" I avoided her question

"Anything emm" (she sometimes calls me emm)

"Why do I regret it? I mean he caused a lot of drama in my life. He deserves it doesn't he? But my heart still breaks a little when I hurt him" I said

"Considering everything, and how much you loved him. And not to mention that you are a good hearted kind person, unlike him. So that's normal. Any normal person, under any circumstances would feel a bit guilty after hurting someone. It doesn't mean anything" gigi explained

I nodded, and forced a fake smile

But I don't know if it was just 'normal guilt'

Harry was a huge part of my life

I would never forget how nice he was when we were together. I won't ever forget how it felt when he kissed me, putting his arms on my waist, pulling me closer to him, my hands on his neck, how my fingers traced his curls, how his hands played around my waist. I sometimes crave one of his tight warm hugs. Nor will i forget how he touched me, how he made me feel. I'll never forget him, he was my first love, first kiss, first sex. First everything.. Everything about him was still in my memory. The way he pinned me down on the bed, started sucking on my neck, then undressed me, his warm hands explored my body, i'll never forget how the look on his face was when he was on top of me, it's like he wanted to live like this. I remember it all.

He gave me all of him, and I gave him all of me. He was everything I ever wished for. But as my aunt always told me and constantly reminded me "the devil doesn't come with pointy ears and dressed in a red cape, he comes as everything you've ever wished for" and she was so right.

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