Forever Together


1. Can I go to your place?

Katrina's POV:

I woke up in the morning and got up and saw the man I slept with last night. Yes,I have nightstands. He seemed like,what 24. I'm 20, just a few years apart. I got some blue panties with a matching blue bra and white shorts with a black tank top and a blue crop top and blue toms. I got a towel and head to the bathroom. If I remember, the guy's name was Ryan. Ryan walked in to the bathroom,

"Can I shower with you?"

"No! Go home!"

"Come on babe."

He whispered into my ear and hold on to my waist and kissed my neck passionately. I moaned, god, my weak spot.


I quickly opened my eyes and turned around.

"Please,Go home."

He walked away. I locked the door before he came in. I got undress and turned on the nice warm water. I put the shampoo in my beautiful Brown hair, it was straight. My eyes matched my hair.

I put body wash on my sponge and softly cleaned my body. I rinsed my body and wrapped myself around a towel. I got dress and straighten my hair and grabbed my houses keys and walked out the house and locked the door.

I walked outside and took a walk to the park, I looked down at my phone to check the time, it was 10:23.

This Familiar guy that looked like a childhood best friend of mine was holding hands with a girl. She was pretty, she had black hair and blue eyes; she was wearing jeans and a white Tank Top with a black sweater on with white flats. The boy was wearing Jordans and jeans with a black t shirt.

The boy turned around, I was in shock, It was Niall, i met him in 1st grade and the last time we talked was in 11th grade. We dated for 2 years once in 8th grade. God he looked amazing.


He turned around, so did his girlfriend I assumed.

She Mumbled to him, "Who's she?"


I ran to him and gave him a hug.

"Wow! You look amazing!" He complimented me.

"You too! Wow! Long time no seen."

I replied

"Yea. Umm...This is Serena, my girlfriend."

He pointed her out. She smiled at me and shook my hand, I smiled back, "Hey. It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Katrina."

"I'm Serena, Hi."

"Are you with someone?" Niall asked me.

"No. Actually."


"What are you doing here in London, I thought u wanted to go to Germany?"

"Yea. But once I met Serena I decided to come move to London with her."

"Oh cool."

"Yea. Well, we better get going, I will call you,if it's the same number. We should meet up with each other and catch up where we left off sometime."

"Yea it is and of course. Bye."

I smiled and waved good bye.

Serena's POV:

How did they know each other?!

Does she like him? Does he like her? Well, of course not, he has me;I'm better,right?

"Hey babe, how do you know her?Who is she?"

"Woah! Slow down."

"Is was just two questions."

"I met her in 1st grade and then I had to move and the last time we talked was in 11th grade. So I known her for 11 years at the time and know we met again so...yea." Niall replied

"Oh. Do you like her? Did you use to date?" I asked. I didn't mean to be noisy, but, I need to know their history.

"Why do you wanna know about that?" He grabbed on to me by the waist.

"Are you jealous?" He smirked.

"Me? Jealous? No way. I'm just wondering." I'm not the jealous type, at all.

"Well, she is like a sister to me, though we use to date for 2 years in 8th grade, we broke up in 10th grade." He answered my question.

We sat in the bench, "Why?" I asked.

"Babe, why do you wanna know all about our history?" He questioned.

"Just curious." I replied. I put my head down and started play with my hands and my black hair got in my face.

Niall pulled my hair out of my face and put his hand under my chin and turned it to where it was facing him, "Are you okay? Why are you asking me all these questions about me and her?" He asked.

"I know that you missed her and you knew she was here in London and you only said 'yes' to moving in with me here so you can find her and be with her, because, you love her." Niall looked at me, shocked. My eyes looked red and my face was wet with tears. I knew the true but I didn't want it to be real. I love him, we been together for 3 years already.


His eyes got watery. I stood up and walked away. "Serena...please..." I heard him begging me to stay, I kept walking away, away from him.

Niall's POV:

It's sad, how she's right. But it didn't mean, that I didn't love her, I did. I just sat there,alone. It started to rain, I got really wet, I didn't know where to go. I texted Katrina,


Hey, can I come over to your place? I wanna talk about something,please.

I'm surprised she replied right away.


Of course. I will come pick you up.

Where are you!


At Starbucks, the one across the park.

From: Katrina

Alright. Be there in 10 minutes

To: Katrina



No Problem :)

*10 minutes passed*

She wasn't here yet. I'm gonna go get us drinks.

"Hello, may I get one medium 'Double Chocolate Frap.' And one large coffee?"

"Of course. That will be $6.37."

I pulled out my Starbucks card from my wallet.

I waited for the drinks until they called me. "One large coffee and a Double Chocolate Frap."

I came up to the counter and grabbed the drinks. I remember that she loved the Double Chocolate Frap. I put some sugar in my coffee and tried how it tasted after. My phone buzzed; I pulled out my phone from my back pocket.

From: Katrina

Hey. I'm outside in the parking lot.

I walked outside with the drinks in both hands.

Katrina opened the door for me.

"I remember that you liked these."

I handed her drink to her, she smiled, "Thanks."


We starred at each other's eyes for what seem forever.

"So my place?"

"Yea." I replied.

She smiled at me.

"So, where's Serena?" She asked.

"Umm...She broke up with."

"I'm sorry. Why? Why did she?"

" I will tell once we get to your place."


Katrina's POV:

I can see from the side of my eyes, he will glance at me, the. Stare for a few seconds, he sometimes smiled at me too. I wondered, if he liked me.

"What?" I questioned him.

"Nothing, it's just, I missed you, a lot." He smiled.

"I missed you too." I quickly smiled at him, then turned back to the road. Once we got to my street, I turned and parked into my garage. My house was a two story house with,7 room,3 bathroom house. It was quite big for a house for one person.

(1 game room; 1 Guest Room; 1 her room;1 a inside pool;1 library/fireplace;1 dining room/living room. + the Kitchen)

"Wow, it's huge." He finally spoke.

"Thanks..." I continued, "Let's go up to my favorite room." I smirked. He smiled but looked confused. We walked up the stairs and walked down the hallway, until we turned right to the GameRoom. Niall ran towards to the soccer board thing with the handles you play in. I had a 18 inch screen TV with two rows of movie theater seats. I had a wii,ps4,and a Xbox 1 and 360.

"Can I live with you?!" He was joking around but I took it serious. "Yea. You can take the Guest room."

"I was joking you know." He got serious then.

"I know." I smiled, "But, I wasn't, I get lonely here sometimes."

He starred at me for a about 5 seconds.

"We should get some rest." I started.


I started to lead him to the guest room. I hugged him good night and then went to my room which was a little down the hall to the left. I got to my Pajamas, Blue pj shorts with a black tank top, I put my hair in a bun and lay down on my bed. I grabbed the book I was reading recently by John Green, called 'An Abundance Of Kathrines'. I gabbed my reading glasses as well, I started to read a few pages, I got sleepy to quick, I took off my glasses and put the book and glasses down. I then just fell asleep like that. I thought of Niall, and our childhood together, then I thought, it's been years and now, he is in my house. I smiled and fell asleep with the thought of him.

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