When poppy and sarah's mum and dad get killed by the goverment the girls must hide so no one can find them, but what dont know is they are gettig HUNTED!


1. captured

Sarah's POV

Its just another ordinary day here in baybridge, nothing really exciting happens here, just an ordinary family. Im really close to my sister poppy, she is like my best friend, even though shes 7 and im 14 she is the best sister you could ask for. My parents arnt that rich so we dont get the most amazing things in the world amd mum probably loves poppy the most but my dad takes me out once every week to help him with hunting and looking for wood which is always fun.


Then there was a knock on the front door of the old wooden house, so mum went and answered it but suddenly shut the door quickly and ran to my dad. They started whispering and dad looked worried. He told us to hide underneath the table and he put the cloth over it so no one could see us. Then I saw my father open the door and some very scary looking men came in in posh suits and started looking around.

"What do you want" my mum said,

"You know what we want, money, thats all we came here for "

"How much" my father got out his wallet


"What! Are you barking mad, we dont have that kind of money!!"

"Well then you know what we will have to take on our way then"


"The kids, search for them"

Thousands of huge men came in and started turning over the chairs and breaking everything,

"They're not here" my mother shouted

But it was to late he had seen poppys barbie doll moving about under the table cloth and pulled it out,

"Lying to the goverment, tut tut tut, i think we will have to punish them even more"

"NO, Dont you dare touch my kids!!"

He slapped my mum away

"Ok then"

Huge men grabbed my mum and dad and pulled them out the house into a big cage in a van,

"You will have to die then"

"Run kids run"

The men turn around but me and poppy were already gone,

"Hunt down those kids and bring them back to me!!!!"

We carried on running in the other direction of the house, but then poppy started to slow down,

"Im tired" we couldnt stop so i picked her up and kept on running into the woods it was dark and we had no where to go...

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