The Receiver of Memory

I was still holding Gabe in my arms. He was shivering. I transmitted one of the last memories of warmth I had. He started to relax. That's when I heard it. I heard music...


2. Chapter 1

Jonas's POV

I was still holding Gabe in my arms. He was shivering. I transmitted one of the last memories of warmth I had. He started to relax. That's when I heard it. I heard music or what I thought was music. It was melodic and slow. I heard what I somehow knew was a piano. I heard many females and males. It sounded joyous and hopeful. I had to figure out what it was.

i held Gabe tighter as I walked toward the red, yellow, and blue lights of the house. The closer I got the more details I could see. In the window were lighted candles. The door was surrounded by the lights. Then on the door was a plastic man in a red suit with a white beard. I heard his name called out by a child.

"Santa is coming! Santa is coming!"

Santa. Christmas. It was all coming to me. The Giver told me about this. This time of year was around the same time as the Ceremony of Twelve. Everyone sang songs, gave presents, and just acted happy. 

Songs. Carols. Music. That was the music I was hearing!  I walked closer toward the window and tried to listen against the howling wind. 

"Jingle bells. Jingle bells. Jingle all the way! I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!"

Even though I was freezing, I sat there in the snow. I sat there wondering. Wondering why the Community got rid of all of this merriment. Why did they get rid of emotions? Were they causing so much trouble they had to terminate them? What would cause that trouble? 

I sat there in a trance. All my feelings that had been bottled up since my birth suddenly hit me harder than ever. I tried so hard, but I cried. I cried for not having what I should've had. I should've had a real life, a real childhood. But all of our lives were chosen for us. The Elders chose our spouse, children, and our jobs. 

Freedom? What is it? I wanted to know! 

Gabe woke up and started to cry too.

"Oh no! Gabe please don't cry! I'll figure out a way out of this. As soon as I know where we are. Dear god, what have I done? I should have never left the Community. I never should have brought you!"

I never felt this sad before. Crying, I mourned for my family and friends. I wanted The Giver here to help me. But I know he couldn't. He had to stay and help the community when my memories would distribute. I miss everything! I want my old life back!

No. Why would I want a lifeless life? I have just started to experience warmth and hills. Color was beautiful for it being so simple. Water was so unique!

My whole body hurt. I leaned against the house and continued to cry along with Gabe. After awhile I fell asleep. I dreamt about Fiona. She was dressed in a long dress, twirling around in it. The dress swayed back and forth. Suddenly, she looked in my direction and started to fade away. She kept fading more and more. I tried to bring her back but I couldn't. When she finally disappeared I was just staring at a wall which felt like an eternity. I waited for her to come back but she never did.

"What the Hell?! Robert come here! There is a  boy holding a baby on our porch! I told you I heard something."

I felt like I was picked up. Gabe was taken out of my arms. I suddenly felt a surge of warmth. I looked up and saw a fire in a hearth. Above it were stockings. Next to the hearth was a tree decorated with lights and ornaments. The room was full of light thanks to the chandelier.

"Hello little boy. Can you hear me?"

There was an older woman standing over where I was laying. She was obviously a mother by the bags under her eyes.

"Yes I can hear you. Can I ask you a question?"

"of course you can sweetie. Shoot."

i swallowed hard, "Where am I?"

She looked puzzled. "Honey, you're in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The good old United States of America."

Not the Community.

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