The Receiver of Memory

I was still holding Gabe in my arms. He was shivering. I transmitted one of the last memories of warmth I had. He started to relax. That's when I heard it. I heard music...


1. Preview

Things that make me mad:

1. I can't get on my Facebook page or into my iTunes account

2. The one day I have basketball practice I get a crap load of homework

3. An author ends his/her book when it starts to get good!!!

So in my reading class we recently read The Giver by Lois Lowry. I personally didn't like it that much and I was shunned by my friends. So when I actually started to like it, the book ends! It just ended leaving me wondering.  If you read the book you would understand my frustration. Jonas, the receiver of memory, escapes the community with his "little brother". Before the book ends he rides down a snowy hill and apparently heard music. 

And that is how it ended!

I just about ripped the book apart! Just as I liked it, it ended... Like that!!! Then to top it off, there is no sequel! 

Im not trying to put down Lowry's writing but it seriously sucks it ended. Boo!

So when I should of been doing work I came up with the idea to write a sequel of my own! 

I personally don't know what I'm going to do with this but I'll try my best. 

It'll start with Jonas and Gabe in Elsewhere. But after that I'm lost. So if anyone read the book I will gladly take ideas! And if you never did read it, please do so you'll understand this better! 

So keep your hand on your mouse and eyes on the monitor (and hit the like and fan button) and prepare to enter the world of Elsewhere!


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