Life is no Fairy Tale


1. Life is no Fairy Tale

~~As a child I was raised with many fairy tales,
Thinking every story has a happy ending.
Where the lost girl is found by a deserving male,
If only it was true the message they are sending.


And they lived happily ever after,
So says the ending of most.
All smiles and laughter,
Ordinarily upon a royal post.


I’m not here to be upsetting;
I’m here to express the side of ordinary love.
Which is normally the same setting,
In a town of the common not a title above.


It could be of a simple girl,
Going to school to get the grades she needs. 
But then she goes into a twirl,
Where he takes her hand and leads.


But unlike most of the fairy tales,
Something happens and they depart.
And due to this, in school she fails,
Even though she was indeed smart.


Now she is in tears,
Crying over her failure,
Even though over the years,
She has had a good behaviour.


And now what can she do?
Hope for her prince to come?
Wait for something fresh and new?
Or turn into what she wants to become?

Her prince isn’t coming,
He isn’t waiting for his true love.
He isn’t something that is forthcoming,
He isn’t just going to swoop in like a dove.


This story hasn’t ended,
Cause it will always occur.
The story of a girl, who is simple yet splendid,
But every boy will just see her as a blur.


A story with a happy ending is a story that hasn’t yet ended,
Even if you see the happy ending, it shouldn’t have been intended.

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