Diana(niall horan fan fic)

Niall horan fanfic where he finds his true love and a miracle


12. chapter 11

-Christmas morning-

Diana's POV

I grabbed the twins and we headed downstairs and handed out gifts. Twins got regular baby toys and clothes and other necessities. Niall and the twins got me a locket from when I gave birth two the twins. The twins and I got him a pair of Jordans. When we finished we ate breakfast and we gave the twins their bottles.

When we finished we put everything away because we were having nails family and the boys and their girlfriends over today. Niall's family is spending the night in the guest room. We hurried and picked up simple things. The we got ready and put clothes on the twins.

Their outfits(http://www.polyvore.com/christmas_party/set?id=121042400)

When we finished getting ready Niall and I started setting up the appetizers we put out triple of everything cause Niall and the boys eat a lot and his family will be their to. I started to make the stuffing, the roast beef while Niall put his hands on my waist. Niall I'm trying to cook food here do you not want dinner. I mentioned. He ran away. Put the table cloth, the plates, glasses, and silver wear on the dinning table. I told him. He did so.

-1hour later-

I heard a knock on the door the boys were here with their girls except Harry.




Harry by himself

Niall I think my twin Delilah wold be perfect for Harry I have a pic of her. I whispered. Let me see her. He asked. I did so. She looks like she would be perfect for her and invite her over. He pleaded. Ok. I said doing what I was told. I called her.

Di- Diana and Del- for Delilah

Di- hey del

Del- hey di

Di- wanna come to my Xmas party the 1d boys will be here but Niall's mine. Oh the twins and Niall's fam will be here to.

Del- Sure but can I bring my baby I have no baby sitter the dad left me with him.

Di- oh I'm so sorry bring him over pls I wanna see him

Del- kk b there in an hour

Di- see you then

I hung up. Niall she's comming in an hour she has a baby but she's single. I told him. Ok. He replied.

Delilah's POV

Right now I'm getting my son and I ready for Diana's Christmas party. I can't wait to see my twin and her twins. (The baby's name is Kendal)

Mine and Kendal's outfit(http://www.polyvore.com/delilah_kendal_at_christmas_party/set?id=121045626)

When we finished I grabbed Kendal and my keys and we went to the car. We pulled out of the driveway.

-Skip car ride-

Diana's POV

We waited about an hour and a half for them to get here and there still not here.

-5minutes later-

I heard a knock at the door. I got up and opened it. Hey Diana. She said happily. Hey how've you been. I replied. Good how about you. She replied. Same how old is this little munchkin. 9 months she answered. Nice a baby that can actually play. I said jokingly. Nice where's the twins. She asked. Come in make yourself at home I'll get them. Ok she replied. Hey meet my twin sister Delilah. I said.

So I went upstairs and grabbed the Julia changed her. Then I picked her up and got Jace and put her in his crib to change him. Once I finished I went downstairs I gave Julia to Niall and went to make the bottles. When the bottles were made I brought them in the living room and sat next to Niall giving him a bottle for Julia.

Niall their already talking and playing with Kendal like a happy family. I whispered to him while feeding Jace. I know they are perfect together. Niall said feeding Julia. Yea I guess so. I said. Harry kitchen now Niall you too. I screamed slightly. Can you hold the twins. I asked Maura and Greg. Sure. They replied. Ok, by the way where's Theo. I asked. Playing with your nephew. He replied. Aww. I said.

We got upstairs and I told Harry that he can date my sister as long as he doesn't hurt her. We went back to the living room and sent the rest of our nite hanging with our friends and family.

-Skip rest of the day-

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