Diana(niall horan fan fic)

Niall horan fanfic where he finds his true love and a miracle


11. chapter 10

-4th day after birth-

Diana's POV

Today is the day we get to take the babies home so I'm getting dressed and getting the twins dressed.

-everyone's outfit(http://www.polyvore.com/leavin_hospital/set?id=120768283)

I had Niall go outside to get the car seats and blankets for the twins.

Car seats and blankets(http://www.polyvore.com/car_seats_blankets/set?id=120800782)

When he came back we put them in there seats I grabbed Jace and put him in his car seat while Niall grabbed Julia and did the same. After that we left.

-Skip car ride-

I grabbed Jace and Niall grabbed Julia like always. Once we got in the house we put the babies down and plopped on the couch. Then we got back up and grabbed the car seats and put them by the door and grabbed the babies out of the seats. When we finished we sat back down playing with them. I made a wires face and Julia and Jace giggled. It was so adorable. Then they started crying. We checked the diapers there was no poop. Then I put both of them under my shirt and breast fed them one boob each(it's difficult).

Once I finished feeding them Niall grabbed Julia and I had Jace we put towels on our necks and burped them. After a few times they both burped at the same time. So cute. Niall and I said in unison. After the twins were fed we changed them into their pjs and a new diaper and put them to bed.

Twins pjs(http://www.polyvore.com/twins_pjs_blankie/set?id=120846297)

After that they went to their room and changed into there pjs because their more comfortable then regular clothes.

Niall and Diana's pjs(http://www.polyvore.com/dianas_nialls_pjs/set?id=120846833)

Once they finished they went downstairs made a bowl of popcorn and watched a movie marathon(all the paranormal activities).

Halfway through the movie I fell asleep on Niall's chest. Niall kept watching the movie.

After the movie ended Niall woke me up and said that he wanted to have some fun cause we haven't done that since the twins were created.

We walked upstairs and checked on the twins before we went to our room. The twins were ok so we walked into our room and we passionately kissed we stopped when neither of us could breath any more. We kissed again and fell on our bed without breaking it. Niall got on top of me and ripped off my shirt not breaking the kiss I did the same. Then he pulled of my pj shorts I did the same. We kept kissing and he ripped am panties off I did the same with his boxers. I widened my legs and he got into me and began to thrust harder and harder while kissing my breasts.

-Skips sex-

Once he got to his climax he kept thrusting. When we finished we payed next to each other and fell asleep.

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