Diana isn't your normal teenage girl. She's 16 and her dad abuses her. She runs away and meets her celebrity crush Michael Clifford. Will he believe her story? Will he help her? Find out here in Diana. Warning: Cussing, drama, and other things included


1. Diana

Diana's pov

Hi! My names Diana! I may seem happy but I'm not. I'm 16 years old. I have blonde hair. Well it used to blonde till I bleached it. I have bright blue eyes. I live with my dad. He's abusive. I have hobbies. My hobbies are: Singing, dancing, music, animals and anything with those particular things. I love 5SOS 1D and Little Mix. My dream is to meet Michael Clifford. Don't get me wrong I love the other boys ever so much, but I have a soft spot for Michael. There's just something about him that makes me love him. I just can't lay my finger on it. "Diana! Get your ass down here!" "Yes father" that was my dad. He's so mean. "Listen up you worthless piece of shit! I want those dishes done and I want them done now!" "Yes sir" I washed the dishes cleaned the kitchen and the rest of the house. Dad didn't know that I cleaned it all. "Diana! Why are you cleaning?!" "To please you father. So you don't have to do it" "I wasn't going to you rotten bitch!" I earned a slap to the face and a kick to the stomach. I ran up stairs. That was the last straw. I'm leaving! I packed my bag threw it out the window and jumped down. I picked it up and ran as fast as I could. Father must've noticed and followed. Of course, I was so much faster. I ran the the park only my mother and I knew about. I cried as soon as I got there. I let it out.

Michaels pov

So, I know about this one park. None of the other boys know about it. I always go there to clear my head. I finally got there, when I heard something like a girl crying. I was right, there was a girl crying. "Excuse me? Are you alright?" The girl looked at me with tear stained face and her eyes widened. "Y-Your Michael Clifford from 5 Se-Seconds Of S-Summer" "Yes ma'am I am. But I'm concerned about you. What's your name love?" "Diana Fultz" "What's wrong?" "I ran away. I ran from my father. He hurts me all the time. He doesn't respect anything I do." "Would you like to stay with me and my friends?" "No I couldn't. I can't. I don't want to be a burd-" "You're not. You're a troubled girl who needs someone who'll listen to you." "If you insist." I grabbed her bag and we walked back to the bus. She was a beautiful girl. She was troubled. But I can help her with that. I feel really bad for her. She needs someone. And if she needs someone, I'll be that someone. "Boys! I'm back. I met someone!" The boys came from all different directions "Yes Michael? Where is she?" Ashton asked. Diana just moved behind me "Boys. This is my lovely friend Diana. She needed somewhere to go, so I brought her here. You'll treat her like you would eachother and respect her. She's been through hell so, be nice!" They all said ok and Diana gave a little wave. "Hello!" She said. "I love you guys so much. Really, you've saved me from a lot of things. And I wanna thank you" Diana said. "Awe Diana!" Luke said giving her a hug we all hugged her. I showed her her room in the back of the bus. "Thanks Michael. This means the world to me" "Anytime love." She laid down and fell asleep. The boys and I watched some movies then went to sleep. Man, I cannot wait to get to know how we saved Daina and more hell she's been through.

Hey penguins! Hope you enjoy the first chapter! Love yousxxxx-Bree

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