Was It All A Dream?

When Fayee and Harry begin dating. Fayee doesn't feel threatened by anyone. Even her dad coming out of prison. When Harry becomes famous, he begins talking to other girls and you worry. You begin bondingwith Liam and Zayn. When Harry breaks up with you and begins dating Kendal. The boys help you, including the 5SOS boys. She gets depressed when her dad comes out of jail. What happens?


1. •Flashback•

"it's lovely to meet you,Fayee" the boy said, with a smile.

"You too..Harry,right?"

He laughed."Yeah"

You took out your phone and began checking your message of an unknown number.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: Guess Who's Here?

You looked around, scared and worried.

"You okay love?" Harry said, he was concerned you could tell by the look on his face.


As you put your phone down a note was on the table of the bar you was currently at.

It said: Call me: (phone number). xHarryx

You put the number in your phone.

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