The smile ~

A poem I wrote about a girl being bullied; a girl who finally gave up and let the battle defeat her. Written: November 29, 2013.


1. New chapter

She thought her life was bad,

As she cried herself to sleep.

She thought of things so wretched;

These thoughts, she couldn't keep.

She wanted to be happy.

Oh boy, you don't believe.

But of her being beautiful,

She happened to deceive.

She saw herself in the mirror;

That reflection she hated the most.

What she'd hated even more?

Was how she seemed to be a ghost.

She say herself down alone,

In the middle of the night.

Crying silently in her room,

Seeing no one was in sight.

She quietly said to herself

"Ok this is the very last time"

She wanted to stop the tears,

So she acted as if she were fine.

She awoke early the next morning,

Those dark bags under her eyes.

She hoped it wouldn't give away,

How she hides alone and she cries.

She walked up to the mirror,

And plastered on her fake face.

She put away her frown,

As a smile took its place.

She took one long last look,

At this girl she could not recognize.

She then went off to school,

As she put on her best disguise.

She walked all through the day,

As if nothing at all was wrong.

She wouldn't, and couldn't tell anyone,

That she felt she didn't belong.

She finally let it get to her,

She took her life, you see.

Now don't you finally realize,

How critical bullying can be?

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