True love

When lauren murray wakes up on the day of the one direction concert she has no idea what the day could have instore for her! Just finding out that 5 seconds of summer are going to be performing is the best news ever but lauren has no idea whats going to happen to her!!!!!


1. The Day


Lauren screamed at the top of her voice,

"The concert is today!!!!"

She was going to see One Direction in concert today, its was the day she been waiting for for ages!!

"First i need to do my make-up then my hair then my outfit and then..."

"Lauren its 5 in the morning go back to SLEEP!"

Her mother cried, but lauren just couldn't she was to excited so she decided she would look on the arena's website instead maybe it can say what going to happen there.

Then she found this,

'One direction will be supported by a supporting act of their choice which is... 5 Seconds Of Summer!!'

Lauren absolutely loved 5sos, (she especially loved luke hemmings!!) now she knew she couldn't go back to sleep!! Luckily she had a 5sos t-shirt that she could wear with the rest of her 1D outfit!!

She stayed on the computer for hours going on 'which 5sos boy is for you?' Quizzes, always getting luke!!

Then she looked at the time, 13:30, time to start getting ready.

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