I Don't Want to love him


1. My trust broken

*Louis P.O.V*


The tears fell from my eyes. Im done. I tried to cover my hands over my face as the man in front of me ripped them away from my tear stained eyes. I sobbed as he held onto my wrist and I stared up at him. His hazel eyes bright shimmering "Oh louis, you're so pathetic." He let out a deep chuckle. "I trusted you and you just throw my life away!" I yelled as I wiped my eyes. He gave me a mysterious smirk as he let my wrist go and threw me to the ground. I groaned in pain as my back hit the pavement of the alleyway. "You're worthless, simply nothing. Do the world a favor and kill yourself please" He said a his shoes stepped away down the street. There I was left there, in the dark cold night. The rain began to fall as I carefully stood up, as I let the tears run down. Was all this true? Was I a monster? Do I not deserve the life I have? Am I a worthless freak? Now I know to never trust anyone ever again. After that for sure.

~Flashback over~

Heyyyyy c: So its my first and sorry if it sucks xccc I can't even friken write well in school so heck, what makes you think I can here? Well have a nice Easter guys! Ill update soon. :)))) Ill be on a lot btw c:

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