The boy with the eyes

Hazel James is your average 15 year old girl. She has never been that outgoing type. She doesn't really care what others think of her, and she HATES makeup! When she moves to Nashville, Tennessee, she meets a boy.


1. Getting to know her

HI. Im Hazel James   I live in San Diego, California with my dad George and brother Dylan. My mom died when i was 8 and my brother, my dad , and I have lived on our own ever since. I am 15 and my brother is 8. I have dark chocolate hair that goes past my boobs and i have blue, crystal eyes. My dad is black and my mom was white. So i am one of those "mixed" kids, if thats what u want to call it. I got my blue eyes from my dad and my brown hair from my mom.

I have a terrible habit of bitting my nails. I always do it when I'm nervous. Like today. My dads job is in jeopardy. He works at a factory that bottles medicine and ships it to the hospitals all around the world. They are laying off people that they don't need. And my dad might be one of them. So if he does get laid off we will have to move. My mom was from Nashville, Tennessee and thats where most of her family is. so we will move there, because the housing there is usually pretty cheap than it is out here, My dad doesn't talk to his family really so thats why we will move to Nashville. 

So thats me:)

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