Jeff The Killer ~The Love I Have For You~

I was a normal girl until he showed up. I wanted to sleep but i couldnt. Now all I think about is how the blade that he touched onto my neck didn't kill me. I think I was falling in love... with a killer


4. ~Stained Glass And Colorful Tears~

P.O.V *Amber*

I woke up to see that Jeff... Was gone. I guess you can never really keep your hopes up. I still loved him. I just stared at the empty space he was sleeping on. It was cold he must have left when I was asleep. I sighed "This is so boring!" I got up walked around in the room. Still boring. I looked out the window and smirked. It was Ben. "I figured you would get bored!" Ben shouted. He climbed up over to the window. "I brought you some clothes. I figured you didn't want to wear that!" He said staring at my hospital gown. I blushed. "Yeah whatever! Just gimme the clothes!" I said and took the clothes away. "Oh I also got you some nice underwear." He said chuckling. I looked it was my good panties "Why you little UGH!" I said and put my skinny jeans on, and my Asking Alexandria shirt. Also my new Jordan's. After that I out some makeup on. Not a lot but some. "I also got you something you might like" Ben said. I came out to see what it was. "No way a skateboard! Thank you so much!" I said hugging him and grabbing the skateboard. I went over to the window.

Ben jumped down it was a 4 story high from the window. "How the hell do I get down from here!" I shouted at him. I threw the skateboard down. "Jump!l he shouted. "I'll catch you!" "Alright!" I said scared. I jumped "AHHHHH!" I screamed and landed on something soft. "You alright?" Ben said in pain I looked down to see that Ben was underneath me. "Yeah are you!?" I said surprised. "Yeah just looking at the nose view from here!" He said chuckling. He was staring at me. "Shut up." I said in a pouting voice. I got off of him and pulled him up. "So do you know any skate parks?" I asked him. "Yeah it's just a couples blocks away!" Ben said grabbing my hand. I got on my skateboard and started to ride. I haven't rode a skateboard in forever. It was like heaven. "Having fun!" Ben shouted tossing a can of soda to me I opened it "Yea-" side splattered everywhere. "You little fucker!" I said to him. I grabbed my soda and spilt it on him. "Karma's a bitch!" I said laughing. And looking at him trying to get soda out of his blonde hair. "You look like an idiot!" I said to him. He came over to me. He started to tickle me. "Stop it!" I said trying to gasp for air. "I can't you look to cute!" Ben said

That made me blush a little. I looked away. "What time is it?" I asked him changing the subject. "It's six o'clock." Ben said "I have to go back to the hospital soon." I said looking at him. "Whats the matter?" I asked he looked kinda sad. "I just don't want you to leave. It was fun." Ben said I started to smile. "Yeah Amber... I like you." Ben said. I barely had time to react before he pulled me into a kiss. I tried to pull away. By the time I was on the ground as he was kissing me. A couple of girls giggled as they walked by. I was pinned to the ground as he finally stopped. "Why! I-I-I don't even like you!" Tears started to roll down my face. I got up "Wait I-" "No just leave me alone!" I shouted at him. I walked away with the skateboard. How am I suppose to tell Jeff. God this is scary! I tried to get in my skateboard and ride to the hospital. But I fell. "Hey are-" yeah I'm fine I said to whoever asked me. I got back up and walked.

I had finally reached the hospital. They're was a latter by the window when I came back. I claimed up it. I went in the window to my room and changed back into the gown the hospital provided me. I sat down crying. "Hey babe!" Jeff said coming through the window. I wiped the tears off quickly. "Hay" I said. Man my voice you could tell I was crying. "What the matter babe?" Jeff said walking over to me. "I did something bad." I said and started to cry. Jeff pulled me over to his chest. "It's okay babe. I love you to much to get mad. What happen?" Jeff said in a clam voice. After a house passed of him holding me close to his chest. I told him. "Ben...And I...Kissed!"

Sorry this chapter is so short. I wanted to get the good story out! Next chapter is coming soon ^.^

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