A gypsy girl that dreams of nothing but revenge for her dead family. A female warrior who can not love any one. Seven broken girls, and a prophecy that says they have to save the world. A hangman's noose that has been tied, but for the girls or their foe?
Book one of The Heartless Chronicles


7. stories

Notes on Agrimony

Family name: Rosaceae

Botanical name: Agrimonia Eupatoria

Common name: Common Agrimony, Sticklewort, Cocklebur, Church Steeples, Odermenning

Useful parts: The whole plant is medicinal.

Where its found: Europe, Canada and the United States.

Description: dark green, hairy, rough stem, one to two feet tall, leaves 3-8 inches, small flowers arranged in clusters, very straight standing.

Uses: cures jaundice and other liver problems

skin problems

blood diseases

can be used to cure scrofulous sores when a strong essence of its root and leaves, mixed with honey or sugar is taken two or three times a day continuously for several months.




"Thalia?" Ivy asked gently. They were still in the sanctuary of her garden. They had spent half the night talking and getting to know each other. Ivy spent the rest of the night thinking  and she had reached a hard decision. Now it was Thalia's watch turn and she would have to leave.

"Yes?" Thalia replied. She looked concerned.

"Can we you know put off the romance thing until this battle is over?" Ivy asked cautiously, she didn't want to upset her friend but for now she didn't want her concentration broken, and in this land she had no time for love.

"I was wondering how to bring up that topic. I agree," Thalia put Ivy's fears to rest. Ivy smiled and was asleep before Thalia left.

Her dreams were filled with sadness, for no apparent reason. She knew someone had died but she couldn't figure out who. She couldn't remember them. Then she remembered it was Thalia. but when she went to the forest Thalia was there. But Thalia couldn't see her. And she realized it was herself that had died. It was a vague and confusing dream, but Ivy had an inexplicable feeling of dread and fear that it would come true.

When she woke up she realized something horrible, she didn't love Thalia, at least not like she should, she loved her as a sister and friend nothing more. She sighed, how was she going to tell her? She shook her head, as if to shake off the bad thoughts. She didn't have to deal with this problem until after they were out. She knew that she liked Thalia in that way, but she wasn't ready to love her like that.

There were no shouts outside. So maybe today would be quite she thought hopefully. The past few days had too much excitement. She walked out of her sanctuary.

Sylvia sat giggling with her feet dipped in the hot spring that Thalia had created. The spring was the perfect temperature so all the girls bathed and swam daily.

Ivy plopped down into the deep scaldingly hot water, and swam over to the laughed girls.

"My name is Saffron," the girl explained.

"A type of spice?" Sylvia laughed again .

"Yes" Saffron sighed. She sounded resigned to her fate as having her name laughed at.

"Yes and herb as well specifically for healing, it has anti-oxidant, anti-depressant, and anti-cancer properties." Ivy cut in.

"You sure know a lot about herbs," Sylvia noted. Saffron looked surprised that someone knew what the herb saffron actually did.

"Yes, I can't heal as well as Thalia though" Ivy said remembering Lia's leg.

When they found Lia after the fight with the draget she was mostly unconscious. And the part of her that was not unconscious was a bit delirious, but when they looked at her leg, it was a horror, red and mostly cooked. Ivy wondered what she could do for a burn that bad. But Thalia simply laid her sword on the leg, and mumbled a couple of ancient words, a few of which Ivy understood and most of which she did not. And the leg was mostly healed. Lia's pride however, was not. Ivy stayed awake enough to see her opening her eyes before fainting herself.

"However healing is not everything about herbs." Ivy continued "I know a hundred ways to kill you without ever lifting a weapon, or casting a spell" Sylvia's jaw dropped. And Lia choked from her seat near the fire. Ivy smiled knowing Lia had been eavesdropping, and would think twice about crossing her in the future. "I also know what plants are edible, or in some cases, not. I can make people see things that are not there, make people unconscious, make things explode, or if I mix the right proportions of an herb I can make people delirious." Ivy continued. "Of course by mixing the right herb I can also create fires and warmth as well as cold.

"Wow, I know far more about the sky then about any thing else. I spent so much time wishing I was a star, than anything else. I loved the sky at night, it was free, it was beautiful in a dark it was everything I was not," Sylvia sighed and looked up. Like all ways there were no stars it the black sky. Sylvia missed the dearly.

"I spent so much time trying to be powerful, so much time trying to learn magic and become the best at magic that I forgot everything else. I disappeared into my room for ages. I know 8 different ancient languages. I learned forgotten and powerful magic. I learned lost magics, so powerful my own guild mates were scared of me. Haven't seen my sisters in years. I was the most powerful wizard in that guild but it wasn't enough. I went on jobs, trying to get stronger then I met the black magician. And the rest you know." Saffron turned her head away and closed her eyes. Ivy could feel the pain she felt as clearly as if it was her own

"And you Lia? I know you're listening," Ivy raised her eyebrows.

"Oh me? Why would you want to know about me? A serving girl. That's all I am." She would not look Ivy in the eyes. "All I ever cared about was lightning. It fascinated me, to me it was the answer to my problems. One day it would strike down and carry me away to another world, where I would find long forgotten friends. I wanted to study magic so much but I had to support myself. When the black magician showed up he got there in a bolt of lightning. I asked to be brought to another world where I would find my friends. So far he only kept half of his promise." Lia voice was unbearable bitter. Ivy was sorry she asked.

"Oh," Ivy said, she was starting to feel bad for Lia. Lia was always alone. She never seemed happy and certainly her backstory was possibly almost as sad as Ivy's. Ivy found herself wondering whether or not Lia's friends were looking for her.

"I hope my sisters doing okay without me," Lia murmured barely loud enough to hear.

"Sister?" Ivy asked shocked.

"Yes, the only thing that kept me working for the king, instead of in a magic guild learning about other worlds. The only friends I had in that world. My little sister. Had she not been there I would have left to another world long ago. When the black magician appeared in a bolt of lightning I was too happy to even think of what would happen to her. So like an idiot I wished to be in another world without giving it a second thought she doesn't even have a job. Damn. We haven't even seen our older sister in years"

There was a large splash as Amber dropped into the stream, "I'm sorry to hear that Lia, it must have been hard for you."

"I don't need your sympathy Amber," Lia snapped.

"No, I guessing you don't, but you have it anyways." Amber said slowly.

Lia looked shocked and stuttered, for a minute Ivy sensing there was about to be a fight quickly ask Amber about her story.

"Me? I was a bad girl, I spent a lot of time in jail once they finally caught me. I was one of the finest thieves in the land. Amber Rain Night, the queen of the thieves. My parents were priests. The kingdom finally caught me because my parents turned me in. People said I was baptized in dirty water. The archbishop made my parents disown me. I spent time in jail thinking. I spent endless time conditioning making myself stronger. And I read a lot. For a while I was very bitter, but  then I started to regret what I had done. I wanted to make my parents proud of me again. One day in the prisons library, I found a book of magic. Fire magic. I practised it when I was sure I was alone. The end of my sentance came. And I searched for a way to make it right. Then I found the black magician, I wished that my parents would love me again and be proud of me. But I was rash I did not read the fine print and I ended up here," Amber sighed. "I sometimes wonder if I will ever get the chance to make my parents proud now."

"What about you Ivy? You never talk about what happened before this or if you had sisters or even parents, Selena asked.

"Me? Well its a long story, the short answer is the my parents and sister were killed be the king, so I ran away to live in the forest, and one day I will kill them, I will bring down the kill from his high throne and I will assassinate those guards and bring justice to all those who have ever been wronged."

"So what do you guys want for breakfast?" asked Ivy trying to lighten the mood.

"Bacon!" said Lia.

"Did you have to mention bacon?" groaned Amber. "Now I want some too!"

"I don't think we have any pigs, but bacon sounds so nice," said Ivy.

"Bacon? Aww man," said Thalia "I miss bacon the most of the foods we don't have here!"

"I wonder what bacon tastes like," said Selena, she was vegetarian.

"We should totally make bacon," said Sylvia.

"Yeah, lets try to figure out how to make it." Thalia said enthusiastically.

Selena walked over to Saffron "What's with them?" She whispered.

"I'll be damned to 7th layer of hell if I knew!" Saffron whispered back.

From far above the ground a small girl laughed. She spread her unproportionally sized wings and was suddenly elsewhere. Elsewhere a young woman looked at the little girl "Now was that really necessary? What do you have to say for yourself?" The young fairy giggled. The older girls face softened. "Just remember we are supposed to help them, not tease them! Any ways did you plant the suggestion in her mind?" The fairy nodded.

"Ugh, What were we talking about?" asked Ivy. Her head felt fuzzy and she couldn't quite remember the past few minutes.

"Bacon I think, Why were we talking about bacon?" Thalia groaned.

"I haven't had bacon in seven years, I don't even like it!"

"You can say that again, I hate bacon," Said Sylvia.

Saffron and Selena just looked at each other then looked back at the other girls again, with confusing and wonder written on their faces.

"Eggs, lets have eggs," Ivy said decisively and shook her head to clear it.

"Sure," said Amber.

Thalia sighed and drew her broadsword and stuck in in the fire. "You know one of these days you are going to have to find a better grill than my broadsword," she sighed.

"Well until then we need it," said Ivy. She said as she walked off to her garden. There was a large bird population by then, and she took one egg from each nest so as not to take all the eggs from one nest and upset the mother birds. By the time she got back Thalia's sword was heated enough and she cracked the eggs on to it they fired almost instantly on the hot metal. They laughed and ate together, but Ivy could shake the feeling that something out in the dark was calling to her.

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