My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


65. Episode 32

Raj enters the house and goes into the kitchen, Mahi is there with a cake, and everyone is there except for Devesh.

Mahi: Sorry! I had to tell everyone.

Raj: Thanks a lot!

Kokila: Congratulations. (She runs up to hug him. Raj then cuts the cake.)

Raj: Where is dad? (Pia then walks away. Devesh enters the room with a knife.)

Shashi: Devesh, come here. Have cake!

Devesh: What is the celebration? I still have to cut some onions for dinner.   

Kajal: Raj is the CEO of the hospital. (Devesh is happy but lightly angry. Everyone cuts more cake and dishes the cake while Devesh is angry. He grabs the knife hard and it about to throw it at Raj but Pia stops him.)

Pia: Kaka, no! Don’t you dare ruin your son’s life. Be happy and celebrate. Let me take this. (She takes the knife of him and she walks away.)

Devesh: (He is thinking this.) Hold it in, Devesh! Hold it in! Do this to save your life from jail. (He goes to the counter and takes a plate of cake.)

Amber: Let’s go inside and eat the cake. I can’t miss Great British Bake Off.

Raj: Come on then. (They all leave except Devesh. He grabs the cake and throws it in the bin and he is very angry.)

It is the next day and Simran goes into Raj’s room, he is asleep.

Simran: Wake up! (She shakes him up. He wakes up.) You need to go to the school for the garba celebration.

Raj: Fine! In a second.

Simran: Not in a second, now! (She grabs him but he gets away and she chases him. then she stops.) Fine you have an hour to get to that school. Got it!

Raj: Good! (He jumps into bed and tries to get up. Then he gets up.) I am awake now! (He walks to the bathroom while Simran laughs.)

Everyone goes downstairs for breakfast.

Kajal: Why aren’t you at work today, Raj?

Raj: Well I lost my job as a consultant so until November 1st I will be at home. Then I will get the job as a CEO but I will still be going but not today as I have to go to this school for this garba event.

Devesh: Yes, you can go see it, with Mahi and Amber if you want but I will be paying for everything. I am doing this for my daughter.

Simran: Dad, I have money. I will pay.

Devesh: Don’t spend a single penny of your money, it will all be me. I am doing this for my daughter, the most precious gift. (Simran goes to hug him. Raj looks at them and smiles but has a hint of jealousy.)

Raj: Come one, Mahi and Pia. Let’s go see this school.

Mahi: I hope it isn’t a working school day; we might have to see kids running around everywhere.

Simran: It is a private school and it is for boys who are older than 11 year old.

Mahi: Oh okay, we have to worry about being kidnapped from them.

Amber: What school did you go to?

Mahi: Not a very good one but I did become a pharmacist so it just goes to show that you can make it anywhere. (Mahi falls to the ground in pain. She shouts and everyone runs up to her. She is breathing in and out.)

The next scene opens and Mahi is on the bed. She is fine. Raj and Amber come to her.

Amber: Are you okay? What happened?

Mahi: I don’t know. It has happened for a while but I just had to keep it in.

Raj: It could be anything but let’s not get too carried away. It could just be a Kidney Stone; something which we hope is if doctors think something could happen. This definitely means you are not coming to the garba.

Amber: No, you can’t come!

Mahi: I will be fine. I will come after I go to the bathroom.

Raj: I will wait downstairs. (He leaves.)

Amber: I seriously think you shouldn’t come. Just stay at home, we and Raj are here.

Mahi: I have to come okay. I need to tell you a secret.

Raj: (He is going down the stairs in a happy mood.)  I know what it is. She must be pregnant. Yes, a baby. Can’t wait.

Mahi: This hasn’t just happened for a couple of times. It has happened for weeks.

Amber: What are you trying to say Mahi?

Raj: I have to think about everything. The baby will have anyone here. I will buy it anything it wants. Everything it needs. It has been five year now, a baby was always on its way. I wonder why it hasn’t come sooner.

Mahi: (She shows Amber letters from the doctors. Amber reads them.) You can’t tell anyone this, it is top secret.

Amber: Yes but why have you missed doctor’s appointments and scan days? Are you pregnant?

Mahi: I don’t think so. I went to the doctors and they said it might not be pregnancy but it could be something else.

Amber: What else?

Mahi: Cancer, third stage cancer. (Amber is shocked and Mahi is upset. They show Amber’s shocked face, Mahi’s upset face and Raj’s happy face in three dividers.)

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